Why your customers care less about you than you think they do…

I love my customers. I tell them but rarely do they say I love you back.

Think of the relationship from their perspective. They’re paying you to do a job and so why would they get invested in you? They see you as a means to an ends…

Additionally if you’ve not built enough trust into the idea that you can manage any problems that crop up and push through them, then the customer is ready to fire you and move onto the next rep at a minutes notice as well.

So are we going too far for our customers?

Should we be more selfish with our time, energy and resources and only give them the value they need rather than going above and beyond for them?

Yes and no. Let me explain.


The data shows that we should only do enough to close the deal and keep top of mind in case any future business crops up.

The customer just wants a professional service which provides what they paid for and a little more on top.

At this point they’re happy enough to keep paying you and a referral is probably on the cards too where appropriate.


Your single biggest differentiator in sales is YOU.

It’s the value that you provide, it’s the whole going above and beyond for the customer. If you’re not doing this then your product is the same as everyone else’s in the market and you’re narrowing your sights on a battle of price.

Not where most sales professionals want to be living.

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