Close The Deal! Why You Don’t Have Time To Waste.

Does this next image scare you? It scared me to the bone when I created it this morning –

100 human years

It scared me when I printed it and put it up on my wall.

It scared me when I laminated a mini version of it to put in my wallet (and I've been scared since when I went to buy petrol for the RX8 and food for my belly).

Each one of those blocks is a year and this time last year seems like days ago to me. I've often pondered that life is freaking short but this morning I wanted to give myself even more motivation…

… so I tried to scare myself some more.


My Months Are Ending One Moment At A Time

100 years human in months

This is what our lives look like split into single months. That's right, you didn't get much done last month and you thought it was OK as they come and go so easily.

However when your dreams, passions, family and wealth get wrapped up into a grid of squares that you could sit and count through in a couple of minutes, it all seems a little shorter than expected.

Let's go one step deeper…


My limited time as a hustler

Now sure there are many business and sales professionals that go way into their 60's and still have crazy game at making money and kicking ass.

However, I rarely see them climbing mountains, learning to ski, seeing that temple in the middle of the Thai jungle, [INSERT THE THING THAT YOU'VE ALWAYS DREAMED OF DOING BUT YOU HAVE PUT OFF BECAUSE YOU DON'T HAVE THE ‘TIME' OR MONEY RIGHT NOW].

100 years working to retirement to death sales

I have to constantly force myself to remember that between the ages of zero to 16/18/21 we're in school and not hustling to make the money to enable our dreams to come true.

Similarly after the age of 60-70 most people I know are content sitting at home watching TV, pondering about the life choices they have made, unable to go adventuring and fearing for their health.

And then we die.

There might be a little party. Society dictates that. Random acquaintances pop up out of the woodwork to attend but they don't really care.

Personally I don't have lots of friends just a few really good ones that I know would show up.

If there turns out to be an afterlife and I was floating up above the proceedings to see how many people missed me, I'd probably be disappointed.

Some of the guests, if they're young enough might even walk away and think, damn I need to do something with my life.

Most won't take action.

Most wouldn't read a post like this (images of cats sitting on dogs heads are too hilarious).

Most won't understand how little time we truly have to hustle, close deals and then live our dreams.


I wrote this because I still haven't closed the deal!

I'm writing this post for both you and I.

I've a deal worth around £2500 to me sat in my inbox. The prospect is ready to buy some ad space on the Salesman Podcast and I've been too lazy (and a little nervous) to call them back to close the deal.

I penned this post to scream to myself –

Why the hell are you procrastinating? You don't have the time to wait!

Furthermore –

“Why are you scared of phoning the prospect and pushing them to close it quicker!”

The worst they can say is “no”… right?


The worst they can say is “not right now” and then you spend 3 weeks following up with them. 3 more weeks of your life go by. 3 more of those squares disappear.

Very quickly the squares start to look more and more important but at that point it's too late. You can't play again.

There is no retry button for life.

The paradox is that most people only discover how precious life is when they've very few squares left.

Don't be that person.

Are you procrastinating on a deal (or something important in your life)?

Then don't listen to me. Tyler Durden in the film FightClub summed it up best –

thisis your life sales



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