Are You Telling Or Doing?

Day to day, do you spend more time telling or doing?

What do I mean by that? –

  • Do you solve problems for your prospects and earn the meeting or do you tell them you have a wonderful solution?
  • Do you pick up the phone cold call prospects or tell your colleagues about the newest cold calling hack that you’ve uncovered?
  • Do you ask for the business assertively or do you tell your sales manager that you think the deal is probably going to come in soon?


There are countless ways to tell. You can shout, talk, scream, leave passive aggressive post-it notes on the office microwave informing Barbra to clean her shit up.

Doing stuff is different.

To have an impact on our environment, we need to do.

Telling rather than doing is the safe thing to do in the corporate environment. You can get feedback, someone can stop you before you make a mistake, people will chat back and forth about the best way to do stuff.

But if you actually cared about the outcome of the situation, you wouldn’t tell, you would do.

If my house is on fire, I’m running in to get my dog out. I’m not standing around telling people about my plans.

If I really think Academy can help a salesperson reach their potential and become finically free in just a couple of years, I’ll follow-up until they get signed up.

So today, when you go to tell a prospect, a colleague or your sales manager about your plans. Stop. Shut up and take the first step of action towards completing them.

I guarantee that you’ll make more progress than by chatting crap.

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