89 Phrases That Make Your Sales Emails Look Like Spam

Did you know that when you use certain words or phrases they may never arrive in your prospects inbox?

For once those spamming marketers have a lesson they can teach to us sales pros.


Learning from marketing’s mistakes

Salespeople have been in a rush to catch up with their rivals in marketing ever since the internet became mainstream.

The Holy Grail for marketers is to be able to have a 1 on 1 conversation with prospects and the irony is that salespeople have had this ability all along. This is why marketers will never be able to replace professional salespeople.

However what marketers lack in personalisation they make up for in data.

They know that certain email phrases will automatically throw your sales emails into your prospects SPAM folder even if they explicitly asked you to send the information over.

Here are 89 of words and phrases that you must avoid if you want your sales emails to reliably reach your prospects.


  1. $$$
  2. 100% free
  3. 50% off
  4. Act now!
  5. Apply online
  6. Best price
  7. Call now
  8. Cancel at any time
  9. Cannot be combined with any other offer
  10. Cards accepted
  11. Cents on the dollar
  12. Casino
  13. Click below
  14. Click here
  15. Compete for your business
  16. Do it today
  17. Don’t delete
  18. Don’t hesitate
  19. Double your
  20. Explode your business
  21. F r e e
  22. Fantastic deal
  23. For instant access
  24. Free consultation
  25. Free hosting
  26. Free installation
  27. Free preview
  28. Free trial
  29. Full refund
  30. Get it now
  31. Hello
  32. Hidden assets
  33. If only it were that easy
  34. Increase your sales
  35. Incredible deal
  36. Info you requested
  37. Information you requested
  38. Investment decision
  39. Lowest insurance rates
  40. Mail in order form
  41. Message contains
  42. Money making
  43. Money back
  44. Multi level marketing
  45. New customers only
  46. No credit check
  47. No disappointment
  48. No hidden costs
  49. No questions asked
  50. No selling
  51. No strings attached
  52. One hundred percent free
  53. Once in lifetime
  54. Order now
  55. Order status
  56. Order today
  57. Outstanding value
  58. Priority mail
  59. Quote
  60. Promise you
  61. Requires initial investment
  62. Reserves the right
  63. Risk free
  64. Rolex
  65. Satisfaction guaranteed
  66. Sign up free today
  67. Special promotion
  68. Subject to credit
  69. Supplies are limited
  70. Take action now
  71. The following form
  72. This isn’t spam
  73. This isn’t junk
  74. Undisclosed recipient
  75. Unlimited
  76. Unsolicited
  77. Visit our web site
  78. Visit our website
  79. We hate spam
  80. Warranty
  81. What are you waiting for?
  82. While supplies last
  83. While you sleep
  84. Who really wins?
  85. Will not believe your eyes
  86. You are a winner!
  87. You have been selected
  88. Your income
  89. You’ve been selected


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