8 Tools To Supercharge Sales Prospecting In The Internet Age

The internet has changed the way people sell forever. Lucky for us millennial we’re more than happy to leverage new software to make us better at prospecting (the most part of the sales process?).

Here are 8 top sales tools that will supercharge your prospecting efforts.


A) Gather contact details


Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert


Rubbish name, great product. How many hours have you spent scouring the internet for the name of that CEO you want to connect with. Well just before you try your luck on LinkedIn try asking Norbert if he can put together an email address for you from the prospects first and last names.



B) Discover more about your prospect



charlie app

Charlie pulls data from hundreds of sources to automatically put together a one pager of the prospect you’re about to meet.

Get links to their latest blog posts, breaking news about their company, common connections in your business network and much more.



C) Track your emails


Banana Tag

banana tag

Banana Tag is the simplest solution to tracking your emails if you’re using either gmail or outlook or manage your messages.

This is powerful when prospecting because if your emails are not getting opened you can’t use them to prospect.



D) Send information




DocSend solves a common problem for salespeople. When you’ve emailed over all the details, you’ve not heard back and you’re worrying as to when the best time to reengage is because it tells you if the documents have been viewed or not.

It allows you to track, optimize, and control the business documents you send.





Clearslide is similar to DocSend but more focused for salespeople. It gives you real time alerts when people click on your documents so you can follow up promptly and has a few more perks.



E) Make more calls


Lightning by ConnectAndSell



Naturally not everyone is available when you pick up the phone to call them. Those few minutes to find a number, get settled, dial it in and put the phone down add up throughout the day.

Grant Cardone recommends not putting the phone down but dialling again straight away to keep that calling momentum but if you need a more powerful solution Lightening by ConnectAndSell can do some of the work for you.



F) Follow up




PersistIQ makes the list because it solved a problem that I’ve faced for years. You know you have to follow up, you’ve put markers in your calendar to do it, you’ve made notes and stuck them all around your monitor… but you always miss someone.

It solves this problem by automating the follow up process whilst keeping it as human as possible.





Contactually is similar to PersistIQ but a better solution if you don’t already have a CRM as it adds those kinds of features on top of a solid follow up platform.



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