7 Sales Blogs You Should Be Reading (And 18 Of Their Best Posts)

Of course there is no doubt that you should be visiting Salesman.Red everyday to lap up our content but did you know that were were some other great sales blogs out there?

Here are the top X sales blogs that the Salesman.Red team reads on a daily basis to keep out sales skills sharp.




The Sales Blog – Anthony Iannarino

Anthony killed it when he appeared on the Salesman Podcast and his blog is of just as high quality. He really understands the hustler mentality and how this relates to dominating in sales.


My favourite posts –

Read more: thesalesblog.com





Lots of guest posts, lots of top 10's and lots of actionable content for us internet sellers. SalesHacker understands how the interest has shifted the sales conversation and they cater to a similar audience that we do at Salesman.Red


My favourite posts: 

Read more: saleshacker.com/blog




Jill Konrath

Jill is probably the best known female sales expert out there. There is a tonne of free information on her blog to help out new salespeople on their path to sales greatness.


My favourite posts:

Read more: jillkonrath.com/sales-blog




The Centre For Sales Strategy

TCFSS has a number of authors but what they deliver is constantly high quality blog posts for both sales people and sales management.


My favourite posts:

Read more: blog.thecenterforsalesstrategy.com




Score More Sales – Lori Richardson

Lori Richardson is straight talking on her blog and focuses down on how salespeople can crush it in the B2B world.


My favourite posts:

Read more: scoremoresales.com/blog




Mark Hunter – The Sales Hunter

Mark Hunter is another sales expert we've had on the Salesman Podcast and Will had a great interview with him. Mark has been blogging about sales since the dawn of the internet and write snappy, to the point posts about all things B2B.


My favourite posts:

Read more: thesaleshunter.com




Dan Waldschmidt

Dan is one of my sales heroes when it comes down to getting stuff done and being yourself. He doesn't fit the corporate mould and he advises others to break it. Dan has fabulous sales insights that will become more and more relevant the world gets smaller (with the internet) and sales changes (because of new technology).


My favourite posts –

Read more: DanWaldschmidt.com/blog


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