7 Reasons Salesmen Make The Best Lovers

We are cool, fearless and know how to negotiate to get whatever we want.

If James Bond had a job before being a secret agent it would have obviously been as sales professional.

Here are 7 reasons that salesmen make the best lovers –


1) We know how to give you our undivided attention


The single most important thing for me about my partner is her ability to be present.

Sure at first glance two other things seem important but when it comes down to it being locked in a moment with another individual, when it seems that nothing else in the world matters, is the most powerful experience there is.


2) We know how to read your ‘buying temperature’


Not wading in too slow or being unsure when to kick it up a gear is never a problem with salesmen.

We’re trained to see exactly what you’re feeling and know when to take it up a notch.


3) We are confident


Salespeople have to connect with random strangers, build rapport and take them on a buying journey every day. For many people this would scare the crap of them.

We know ourselves well enough that we can be confident in our actions both in and out of the bedroom.


4) We’re always prepared

be prepared

A salesman who hasn’t prepped for the event is dead in the water. We always know the information we’re going to need to make the prospect happy and close the deal.


5) We ever give up

Nobody buys on the first phone call and so salespeople have great stamina. We’re mentally prepared for the long game and we…


6) We will do whatever it takes


Salespeople have to push the boundaries of what is socially acceptable on occasion to close the deal. We will do the same in the bedroom if that is what is required.


7) We wear killer suits

we wear suits

OK lets get back to the important stuff. Forget about personality. Forget about the wishy, washy emotional nonsense.

Salesmen make the best lovers as you will always find us in a killer suit (probably at a bar, with a drink in our hand) looking dapper and ready to rock your world.


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