7 Morning Routines and Habits of Successful People

In this video you’re going to learn the habits of the most successful people on this planet. But, it is worth me saying that these habits won’t automatically make you more successful in life…

However, they will give you the best starting point to enable you to become successful over time.

Like many things in life, remember that sales is a zero-sum game. That means that there’s only one winner. Therefore you only have to be 1% better than everyone else that you’re competing with to win. These habits might the 1% extra that gives you the win.

The best way to become successful in anything, is the model what other successful people do.

So here are the 7 habits of the crazy successful people that I’ve interviewed on The Salesman Podcast. Stay tuned to the end where I share a habit that will instantly induce a state of productivity that will allow you to get way more stuff done each day.

Habit one – Plan the day

All successful people plan their days, because they know that if they don’t have a goal, they will be pulled around by the will and desire of the other people in their environment.

I’m sure you had those days where you wake up motivated, energised and you’re ready to rock ‘n’ roll. Only two commute home in the evening at the end of it, absolutely shattered, sweaty and gross, with your eyes barely able to stay open… only to realise that you haven’t really achieved anything that has moved your life forward.

This is why so important to plan what you want to achieve each morning, so that you can focus on your own success and not be pulled around by the success goals of other people instead.

Habit two – Morning energy

Habit number two of super successful people is that they do something each morning to energise themselves. You have to do get your heart rate up, which tells your body that it’s now game time.

It could be going for a cold shower, a morning run, walking the dog… whatever it is, it needs to get your heart-rate raised so that your body can clear out all the nocturnal hormones from your body that are generated by your circadian rhythm or body clock.

Personal tip from me here – try using an SAD lamp. They’re designed to treat “seasonal affective disorder” which is caused by people getting less sunlight during the winter months and so it throws off their circadian rhythm.

I use it to get an instant burst of energy each morning by sitting in front of the bright SAD lamp for 15 minutes as I plan out my day. I like the SAD “lumie” products and you can find them on Amazon.

Habit three – Wake up early

This is a habit that I had to personally instil when I first started in sales, but every single successful person that I’ve ever interviewed on the salesman a podcast wake up early.

I’m not saying that you need to be up and out of the door at 5 AM. But you shouldn’t be snoozing your alarm or jumping in the shower at 10:30 AM either.

When you go beyond the podcast guests and look at even more success people like like Sam Walton who built the beast that is Walmart or even Arnold Schwarzenegger, successful people tend to get up early.

Think of it like this, if you’re going into one-on-one selling battle at 10 AM, who is going to perform better in the sales presentation – the sales chump who got out of bed at 9 AM, had a 2 minute shower and raced to the meeting, tying his tie whilst driving, spilling coffee on his pants as he tried chugging it down whilst dodging traffic on the way to the office. Or… the individual who got up, went on for a run, had a nutritious breakfast, watch an inspirational sales video book and practised their presentation before the even left the house?

Of course the second individual will crush the first and take home the bacon.

What time do you get out of bed each morning? Seriously! I’m curious, leave a comment below.

Habit four – Review the numbers

Poor performing sales professionals only check their revenue numbers when their target is due.

High performing sales people know exactly, day-to-day, down to that sweet, sweet green dollar bill, exactly how much revenue – they’ve already brought in, that they need to bring in and have in their sales pipeline.

Nothing will reduce your levels of stress in business more than eliminating the ups and downs of money coming in and dry periods. You do this by keeping a daily eye on the numbers and planning your activities accordingly.

Habit five – Read a book

Extremely successful people like Bill Gates, the former CEO of Microsoft and Jeff Bezos, the current CEO of Amazon read an incredible amount of books.

I know what you’re about to say… “Will, I don’t have time to read sodding books?!” Well, if the CEO’s of some of the biggest organisations that the human race has ever seen can find the time… then you can too. The issue here for sales professionals is that most sales books are a terrible return on your investment, for the time it takes to read them because they suck.

There are unfortunately very few sales books I can recommend to you.

So instead of reading sales books, I suggest you read business books and other genres of books that are related to your product or industry vertical.

So you’re selling medical equipment, read some books about the procedures that your equipment is used in or a urology journal for example.

Because, once you get your selling framework in place, when you know how to take a potential customer from the prospecting phase, through discovery, through to the close which you can learn in the salesman.org training product. Once you have all the basics nailed, your selling performance will improve much more rapidly with industry knowledge rather than weird, sales techniques that you need to climb a mountain and pay some Tibetan sales monk $1,500 a month to learn.

The best thing, you don’t need to read for 15 hours a day to see massive benefits. Reading 10 to 20 pages each morning soon adds up and before you know it, at this pace by the end of the year, you will read around 25 books. How incredible is that.

Habit six – Avoid the news

This is not a widly documented habit. You won’t find this in any other Youtube videos on success…

It’s something that I uncovered through over 600 episodes of the salesman podcast.

Are you ready? Well, very few of the individuals that I’ve interviewed care about politics or following the news cycle.

So don’t start your day by watching the news and being programmed into getting angry or upset about things that you have no control over.

If you want to catch up on what’s going on in the world, do it when you get home from work, don’t spend the most productive hours of your day, the first few hours after you’ve woken up pondering someone else's agenda. Focus on your own.

Habit seven – Get in the zone

Getting in the zone means different things depending on your environment and productivity goals. For me getting in the zone means either either –

Getting focused on selling and closing business which means being energetic, quick witted and concentrating on listening to the person that I’m engaging with. This comes more naturally to me. I can flip myself into this state with relative ease.

The other time I need to get “in the zone” is when I’m focused on content creation. This means sitting down in a chair for 90 minutes at a time, looking at a computer screen and creating scripts, editing videos and publishing content like this very video. This doesn’t come naturally to me at all. I swear, when I sit down, before I get myself into the zone, I’d rather have a sales manager scream in my face that I’m their worst team member than stare at a screen for 90 minutes. But by using the following tip, I can get into a productive state in just minutes…

To get in the zone, that mindset where time starts to fade away and you just crush your tasks I use music.

When I want to get focused on selling I listen to fast paced, high energy music. When I want to become more introverted and focus on the content creation side of things I use an app called Brain.FM. They’ve created beat based, background music tracks that have been scientificality proven to affect your brain and make you more focused. Just search for brain.fm to check it out in the Apple or Google app stores.


So there we have it, there are the seven success habits and morning routines of incredibly successful people.

To summarise they are-

  • Habit one – Plan the day
  • Habit two – Morning energy
  • Habit three – Wake up early
  • Habit four – Review the numbers
  • Habit five – Read a book
  • Habit six – Avoid the news
  • Habit seven – Get in the zone
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