#689: How To Build TRUST On A Sales Video Call With Russell Wurth | Salesman Podcast

On this episode of the Salesman Podcast, Russell Wurth, we talk about sales enablement. Russel is the Vice President of Sales Enablement at Showpad. In this episode, we dive into what we need to do before, during, and after a video call to build trust with a potential buyer. At present time where most, if not all, are doing video calls, Russel and Will dig into how we, as a salesperson can stand out, get noticed, and gain the buyer’s trust.

Come in Prepared

It’s one thing being prepared about the topic, the keynotes, posture, and being conscious about your overall body language. However, Russel, points out that being prepared tech-wise is also how you gain your buyer’s trust. A quick check of your microphone, camera, keyboard, the internet connection lessens the occurrence of technical difficulties. 

He also advises using pen and paper, as keyboard “clicks” can be a distraction during the call. 

“I encourage our sales teams to use these tools that we have used since the dawn of time: pen and pencil and paper, to take notes. That way, it shows that you're really paying attention and you're really engaged.” – Russel Wurth

Intentionally Place Elements In View

Russel reminds us that people will be looking beyond us, so it might be a good opportunity to intentionally place elements to create your “story.” These elements might be a picture frame, a clever message that you want people to pick up, or even just a whiteboard that you can easily grab and illustrate on.

Will also shares how presenting a story, where your viewers can follow visually (for example, drawing on a whiteboard) drastically prolonged the attention span of viewers. 

“It comes back to preparing and ensuring you have that story. The best thing I think you touched on is, have some core visual in the background. It could be a PowerPoint, could be an architecture diagram, or some visual. I encourage our sales team at Showpad, we're heavily on the iPad.” – Russel Wurth

Build Rapport and Bring Value

The biggest thing Rusell reminds us is we got to separate ourselves as a salesperson from a commercial. Instead, he stresses the importance of building rapport early on during the call and circle back to it when you’re sharing the values of your products and services.

“Anybody can see a commercial online. You click, you watch it, and then you're multitasking. A lot of people can end up doing that, too. If we're selling, our prospect might not be engaged. So we got to get them interested, we got to get that hook early on.” – Russel Wurth


Russell Wurth is the Vice President of Worldwide Sales Enablement at Showpad. A uniquely experienced sales and marketing executive, Russell has held leadership roles at Optiv, Cylance, and Netskope, in addition to prior experience at both startups and large telecom enterprises.



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