#688: The Introverted Salesperson Guide To Networking With Matthew Pollard | Salesman Podcast

On today’s episode, we have the legend Matthew Pollard, the author of the new book, The Introverts Edge To Networking. He’s been on the show a couple of times and today, we talk about what an introvert is, the superpowers that they have, and how they can leverage them to crush extroverts in the realm of business and networking.

“I think everyone’s made it way too complicated. I hear people saying I was introverted before but I’m not introverted anymore. Like it’s some burden that they have to get rid of that had to shed themselves off. Then there are other people that say ‘I was extroverted but COVID kind of made me feel a little bit more introverted.’ I mean, the truth is that, yes, there are skill sets that become more refined by doing so-called extroverted behaviours, but it really comes down to where you draw your energy from.” – Matthew Pollard

Introvert and Extrovert in a Nutshell

Matthew defines introverts and extroverts. He says people are making it overly complicated where in fact, it is mostly where one draws energy from, either from “alone time” or “people-ing.”

Further, he crushes the stereotype that introverts are bad at speaking with people and that extroverts hate to be alone. 

“I have discovered a long time ago that I was an introvert. But I also discovered that that was an advantage and not something I should be ashamed of.” – Matthew Pollard

Beware of Becoming The Aimless Networker

In the modern-day networking world, Matthew shares his observation about the aimless networker. These people are the “transactional type” who would go from people to people to offer his/her products. Sometimes, they talk to people without being salesy, which in turn develops shallow relationships with people. 

“What I always suggest is, there is a third type and it’s strategic networking. It’s about going in with a plan. Ninety percent of networking is successful. Ninety percent of networking success happens before you even walk in the room.” – Matthew Pollard

Networking Is About Providing Value

Matthew differentiated networking from sales, even though the end goal for both is to gain a sale. Although both should give value, networking should never be salesy, rather it should include a consultative conversation.

Moreover, although networking shouldn’t include transactions, it can be a good avenue to find prospects. 

“You have to understand that networking is about providing value, and allowing the person to experience your passion, your mission. Help them see who is the person that you mean to serve.” – Matthew Pollard

Matthew further explains in detail how to effectively network if you are introverted in a world of both in-person and virtual events in this episode. 


Matthew Pollard is the author of The Introverts Edge to Networking and an expert in sharing the superpowers of introverts in business.

Matthews book – The Introvert’s Edge to Networking: Work the Room. Leverage Social Media. Develop Powerful Connections – is available now. 



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