5 Tips To Become The BEST Salesperson

Don’t know what you’re doing in sales? You’ll be living paycheck to paycheck. Knocking it out of the park? You could earn your first million in just a few years time.

So what separates the two? Well, it turns out it’s just five simple strategies. Yep, just five! And those five strategies are exactly what we’re talking about today.

Now, maybe my favorite thing about being in the sales industry is your earning potential is directly tied to your abilities.

If you rock at what you do, you can literally make millions in this career. But if you’re not so great, well… it can really be tough to make a decent living.

If you find yourself in the latter camp, don’t worry—all hope’s not lost.

There are some very simple changes you can make to massively boost your chances of success in this industry. And today, we’re talking about five of the best ones I’ve found.

So listen up, stay tuned, and get ready to take your selling power to the next level.

1) Have a Simple Sales Process

Feeling overwhelmed every day? Lost? Like you’re working your butt off but never really going anywhere? It’s because you don’t have an effective and defined sales process.

Now, I’ve covered what a winning sales process looks like in videos before. But just as a quick overview, your sales process should look something like this:

A) Understand the Market

You’re never going to get anywhere if you don’t understand your buyers and your solution. And that means…

  • Honing your value proposition and tailoring it to your ideal buyer.
  • Understanding your buyer’s journey.
  • And nailing down the numbers. Sales is a numbers game. And the better you are at tracking and playing to those numbers, the more money you’ll stand to make.

B) Get in Front of Buyers

Get in front of buyers.

What methods are you using to get in touch with prospects? If you’re doing things right, your outreach should include not just cold email and cold calling, but also a healthy dose of social selling on platforms like LinkedIn.

You’ll also need to fine-tune your sales cadences so you’re reaching out to buyers at the right time and keeping them interested.

C) Explain the Value

Explaining the value.

The best outreach campaigns in the world won’t do a thing if you can’t effectively communicate your product’s value. That means mastering your discovery call, delivering effective demos, upselling and closing like a pro, and knowing how to takeover competitor clients.

And that leads us neatly into selling strategy number 2…

2) Become a Master Implementer

Knowing how to sell doesn’t—excuse the French—mean a damn thing if you don’t implement it.

High performers are master implementers. They have the skills, mindset, and traits needed to kill it day in and day out. And if you don’t cultivate those traits yourself, it’s going to be tough to get a leg up in this business.

Wondering how you stack up? Take our Sales Code Assessment to see if you’ve got what it takes or if you need a bit of work.

3) Simplify EVERYTHING

Humans are naturally drawn to the path of least resistance. But for some reason, we don’t apply that inclination to our sales processes. And that means we’re working harder than we need to be.

So instead of falling into that trap, find the 20% of your sales process that delivers 80% of the results. And once you do, cut the rest of it.

Let me show you what I mean.

If the majority of your sales leads are coming from just one channel, double down on that channel and ignore the others.

If two of your emails in your 30-day sales cadence lead to most of your calls booked, get rid of everything else.

The more you simplify your process, the more time you can spend on closing deals and bringing in more, better prospects.

Alright so the next strategy I hinted at earlier. It addresses a major myth that’s continually holding sales reps back from achieving killer numbers and crushing their quotas month after month.

4) The 20-Mile March

Now, does this sound like you?

Last month you were king of the world when it came to your numbers. But this month, you’re behind. Way behind. So you make up for the dip by hitting it hard. You’re prospecting like crazy. You’re sending hundreds of emails a day. And you’re cold calling so much your ears are starting to hurt from being pressed against the phone for so long.

Each month is a new battle. And the rollercoaster ups and downs never seem to stop.

Sound familiar?

If so, don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

But the truth of the matter is sales doesn’t have to be like that. Bit of a shocker, huh?

Instead, you can follow what’s known as the 20 Mile March concept.

This concept, created by business authors Jim Collins and Morten T. Hansen, centers on consistency. In their book, they found that the leading enterprises, the ones that performed ten times better, than the competition, valued consistency above all else.

And the more consistent you can be in sales, think prospecting every single day from 8 to 10, the more successful you’re bound to be.

The secret isn’t innovation, creativity, or flexibility. It’s consistency. Fanatic consistency.

And if you can develop that unwavering discipline, you’re going to earn 10X more than you thought possible in this business.

5) Keep to One Mentor at a Time

Now, I used to read countless books, be 20% of the way through five different sales courses, and have a bunch of unofficial mentors that I listened to each day. And what it got me was no real system and a bunch of conflicting ideas.

Instead of doing that, learn from my mistake and stick with just one mentor or trainer at a time.

Don’t try to do it all at once because you’ll only end up confused, procrastinating, and exhausted.

Now we actually cater to this strategy in our Selling Made Simple training academy. You can sign up, leverage our tools, follow our systems, and get real, all-inclusive mentoring right in one place.

No jumping back and forth between so-called “sales gurus.” And no conflicting ideas banging around in your head all at once.

Our students love it. And I think you will too.

So implement it all, crush your quota, and then—only then—test the next system and improve your skills.

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