5 Sales Lessons I Learnt From Grant Cardone

My first impression of Grant Cardone was that he was a hard-nosed, old school salesman that would be irrelevant in the next few years. Man did he make me look like a freaking idiot.

Grant has embraced social media and online video to become a spokesperson for the millennial and the voice of reason in this age of change. His message – if you want to get on in life, you need to hustle.

Here are 5 sales lessons I’ve learnt from following the legend that is Grant Cardone over the past 4 years.



You need to work to your potential (not to targets set for you by others)

Sales targets are generally generic and are aimed at the ‘average salesperson’. It’s likely that if you’re visiting Salesman.Red you’re anything but average.

If your sales job has top line limits on the commission you can bring in you need to 1) find another sales job and then 2) hustle until you’re earning more than anyone else in the company.


Cold calling is not dead

Having recently come out with a product called ‘Millions on the Phone’ that is having rave reviews Grant is obviously a fan of the phone. I don’t usually consider products like this (they’re generally scammy crap that don’t teach you any more than you can find through a decent book) however this is worth listening to.

Grant has built a multimillion dollar company through cold calling and he shows that sales practices don’t have to be new and shiny (read: social selling nonsense) they just need to be repeatable and actually convert.


Happiness is a scam

The G-Dawg understands and shares that money isn’t everything. But if you are going to hustle hard each day you need to be in control of your personal motivation. Not letting your outside world effect your inside world is a huge part of this.

Grant showed me that happiness is something that you choose, it’s not something that anyone else has control over. Once you stop chasing money because you think it will make you happier you can be far more strategic about how you acquire (and invest it rather than the common blunder of spending it for immediate gratification).


You need to be known by your effort (not what you do/are)

The thing that sets millennials apart when most of us are trying to find the quickest, easiest and least sustainable way to wealth is how much effort an individual puts into their job.

It’s a sad fact but if you seriously hustle at anything you will become known because a strong work ethic is a rare commodity. Don’t be XYZ the guy that sells ABC, become that guy that works harder than anyone else and you will be rewarded.


Stop praying, start hustling (you are in control of your own success)

I don’t believe in a higher power (I’ve always had issue that all religions suggest you put off things in your life now to make it into some magical place once you’ve died, when you should be making the most of every day you have on earth) but I agree with Grant in that if one does exist, they’re not helping you out in sales meetings.

You are the only person in control of your sales success. Only you can move the needle towards maximum hustle and I don’t find it deflating that I’ve not got some kind of energy helping me, I find it empowering that I can beat anyone as they;re just chunks of meat too.


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