5 MORE Movie Clips That Will Motivate Any Salesman

After our post 3 Movie Clips That Will Motivate Any Salesman (SHOW ME THE MONEY!) went viral with over 50,000 views in a few days I thought you guys might like some more motivation from the silver screen.

Here are 5 MORE epic movie clips that will motivate any sales person.


1) Boiler Room (motivate to sell)



Boiler Room features in the first post but as there’s simply so many genius scenes I’ve included it again. This time its the process of selling a job to prospective employees.


2) Pirates Of The Silicon Valley (get people to need you)



The Pirates Of Silicon Valley isn’t a well known film but it accurately shows the sales chops of ultra salesman Bill Gates.

This clip motivates me to create a need with prospects in order to sell to them (it then takes it up a level and shows that if you can get people to rely on you then you’ve got it made).


3) Glengarry Glen Ross (Always Be Closing)



This film instilled a ‘Always Be Closing’ trait in me that single handedly made me a great salesman. Far too many sales people faff around and don’t ask for money (even when the prospect is ready and willing to hand it over to them) because they’re scared of rejection.

Man-up and close more deals by taking the most important step, closing.


4) Mad Men (The salesperson is the one in control)



This clips throws some light onto the revolution in sales that is the book The Challenger Sale.

It has motivated me to fire customers in the past and avoid certain ones within the prospecting process. You’re in front of a prospect because you have real value to give them. If someone is too dumb to see that, it’s not always worth your time trying to convince them otherwise (these are the prospects that become nightmare customers).

You have to be willing to stand up and walk away.


5) The Pursuit Of Happiness



This scene from The Pursuit Of Happiness shows a number of elements of a successful salesman –

  1. Positivity. He refuses to let the odds beat him mentally.
  2. Creativity. He breaks the rules (just a little bit) to gain a competitive advantage.
  3. Flexibility. Even though he’s meant to be sat there cold calling, he ditches the phone to run to catch a meeting with the prospect.

It motivates me to see a humble portrayal of a salesman that isn’t all ego driven and brash but someone who is just trying to earn money to support his family.


BONUS: Tommy Boy (what not to do in a sales meeting)


Watch the most epic fail of a sales meeting ever conducted in Tommy Boy. Must hilarity ensues.


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