4 Sales Lessons I learned From Tom Hopkins

Tom Hopkins showed me that the number one way to influence people doesn’t come down to knowing about body language, using hypnotic vocal patterns or any manipulative stuff like that.

It’s as simple as… well watch the video or read the post to find out.



1) You have to believe in what you do

“People will say more to your belief, your conviction than your technical skills” – Tom Hopkins

Belief is everything. Why would someone buy your product or service if the sales person doesn’t even believe it’s going to make their lives better?


2) Attitude in sales is everything

Beliefs are generally gifted to you through outside influence whereas your attitude is something you’re in direct control of.

The belief that your product is the best on the market will come to you if your boss tells you it is, marketing tells you it is and the feedback from previous customers confirms it all.

However your attitude is something that you can turn on and off like a light bulb. You can be happy right now. You could also throw a huge smile on your face right this instant (which in turn would help with how you’re feeling).

Whenever you walk into a sales meeting you must tell the prospect that your day so far has been…


3) Make every day “unbelievable”

OK so there’s no hippy bullshit here. I understand that some days will suck. Today sucks for me because I just found out a friend died over the weekend.

Obviously this is an extreme example that you won’t come across day to day, but even though I’m sombre about the whole thing it’s not going to stop me making this post a positive one because that is in my control (and it’s my duty to you the reader).


4) Be an expert advisor

“The first fear is that they’re afraid of you. Why? They’re afraid to be sold” – Tom Hopkins

Your prospects are scared of you. They’re not just scared you’re going to rip them off. They’re scared they’re going to end up in a worse place than when they started.

They don’t want you to sell them. They want you to guide them and they’ll likely pay extra if you can get them super excited about their purchase along the way.

Take them on a journey. Don’t just throw your pitch down their neck.


The secret to sales?

I’ve always thought Tom’s sales advice was down to earth and simple to understand. His idea that people buy because of the salespersons beliefs and enthusiasm rather than their technical ability to influence (or manipulate) have always resonated with me.

And honestly from my years of experience in sales, closing deals has been as simple as just being genuinely excited about the prospect of closing another customer.

If you’re super excited about your product, that will rub off on your prospect, they’re likely going to buy it.

This is because these moments of excitement are fleeting and we spend most of our lives chasing them.

It’s not the features and benefits that close the sale. It’s the feelings we have before and those we think we’re going to get once we’ve handed that cash over that do it.


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