39 Things That Mildly Annoy Everyone That Works In Inside Sales

  1. Typing really loudly
  2. The guy that makes less calls than everyone but closes more business
  3. People who go on about their commute to work every morning (even though it’s the same every day)
  4. Sales managers who sit on your desk whilst they talk to you
  5. Passive-aggressive signs in the kitchen that aren’t from sales as they’d man up and confront the person leaving the mess in the microwave
  6. When the coffee runs out and no one replaces it (it’s like the loo roll at home)
  7. Milk stealers
  8. The guy that keeps the ‘special coffee’ locked in his draw. We’re all on the same team!
  9. People who sigh really loudly after losing a deal to bait someone into asking them about it
  10. Colleagues that brag about being first in the office even though they don’t actually do any work until everyone else is sat down plodding through emails
  11. 2
  12. People who talk about their kids constantly
  13. That one dude who has a screen protector as they think they’re a spy
  14. When your boss is younger than you
  15. Getting CCed into emails that have nothing to do with you
  16. When you’re the young person and everyone over 40 dumps their IT issues on you
  17. Meetings
  18. Meetings about arranging meetings
  19. Any meeting that isn’t with a potential customer
  20. People who don’t put their mobile phones on silent and use the pings as email notifications
  21. When your CRM is down
  22. When your CRM is up and you have to use it
  23. Colleagues who are rude to the receptionist
  24. 1
  25. When people use ‘read receipts’ on emails
  26. When a woman sets the air conditioning and it’s -5oC too low for all the men
  27. Having to wait to leave until your sales manager does
  28. The person who talks about how they work out constantly
  29. Who then goes on to tell you about their new diet
  30. And how it helps them stay energized (when you also sit at a desk all day and close more deals than them)
  31. When you’re not sure if you’ve crashed from having a strong coffee or that the coffee wasn’t strong enough
  32. Small talk in the lift
  33. Small talk with anyone that doesn’t work in sales
  34. When it’s your birthday, the office sings and you wish you could just melt yourself down into a puddle and escape through the floor boards
  35. The due that has motivational stickers/printed signs all over his workspace and is constantly telling you that you should do the same
  36. Having to donate money to people you can’t stand
  37. Unless their doing an event in which they can hurt themselves and you can steal their client list
  38. Working when it’s sunny outside
  39. 3


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