39 Desktop Wallpapers To Increase Your Sales Hustle

Do you use a computer to prospect and close deals? Do you have some lame corporate logo as your desktop wallpaper?

It sounds ridiculous but the background on your computer is prime real-estate.

Is there anything other than the back of your eye lids at night that you spend so much time looking at?

Even if it's just a nudge to my subconscious I notice an increase in productivity when I have some profound statement or image as my background.


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How to set up a custom wallpaper


On windows it's really simple. Just right click on the image, click save as. Find that image on your computer, right click the icon and then click set as desktop background.


On Mac right click the image below you'd like to use, then click save image to desktop. Next click the Apple menu, then system preferences. Finally click desktop & screen saver, then desktop and find the image that you want to use as your background.



Wallpapers That Will Increase Your Sales Hustle

Here are 39 wallpapers to ignite some sales hustle in you today –


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