3 Ways To Biohack Your Sales Performance

Technology is changing sales, there is no doubt about it. Social CRMs, sales enablement, email tracking and more.

But how can technology help you as an individual hustle harder, for longer?

Here are 3 biohacks that will improve your day to day hustling performance.


1) Kill stress and hustle harder

Regular listeners to the Salesman Podcast will know that I'm a huge advocate of meditation as a tool to help salespeople reduce their stress levels, manage procrastination and increase their focus.

I'm not suggesting you need to travel to Tibet each Sunday morning to sit on top of some rock, below an ice cold waterfall, “ummm”ing or chanting random ancient languages.

Far from it. The two ways I recommend people meditate both leverage technology to varying degrees –


Method 1) Get Some Headspace

I had no interest in meditation until I read a study about how it can physically rewire your brain in as little as a month.

I as most people had assumed it was just for hippies until I walked into Waterstones, took a look around to make sure no one I knew was in there and then scurried towards the Self Help -> De-Stress -> Meditation -> Science based approach section of the book store where I discovered Andy Puddicombe and his book “Get Some Headspace”.

It's a fantastic read and the only thing that supasses it that doesn't involve wearing silly looking things on your head is the Headspace APP.

Pitched as a “gym membership for your mind” I agree that it is just that and by starting out with their completely free Take 10 program you can get a feel if meditation is right for you.

Learn more: Book amazon.co.uk/dp/1444722204

Learn more: Headspace APP – iTunes | Google Play


Method 2) MUSE headset

The MUSE headset is your personal meditation assistant. It's a step up from using the Headspace APP because it actually measures your brain activity and gives you realtime feedback on whether you are actually meditating or you're just pretending.

muse sales brain hack

It promises to improve your meditation practice in as little as 3 minutes per day and having used one myself for the past 12 months (nearly daily) I'm a massive fan of the product.

Learn more: MUSE Choosemuse.com


2) Get your posture right

If you work in an office, you have a problem. 95% of salespeople reading this have bad posture which can lead to muscle tightness, stress and chronic pain.

Same thing goes if you work in outside sales and you're sat in a car for hours on end.

Kelly Starrett, founder of MobilityWOD recommends the following sequence to help stabilize your spine when seated to create a ‘braced neutral' position  –

biohacks for business people

  1. Clench your bottom
  2. Take a breath out and pull your ribcage down
  3. Tighten your abs around 15%
  4. Pull your head up to a neutral position where your ears are inline with your shoulders

Want to step this up to the next level? Why not check out the LUMO BACK which is a sensor that goes around your waist and gives your smartphone data on your posture.

lumo back biohack

It allows you to stand taller (better posture can lead to improved influence over others) and learn if you are putting your back in danger by slouching for long periods of your day.

Learn more: lumobodytech.com/lumo-back


3) Upgrade your brain with music

I am not one of those people that can throw on a pair of headphones, turn up the volume and focus when they have dance music blasting away.

The one biohack that I have found which works better than pure silence (which I can never get anyway living in a City) leverages “brainwave entrainment”.


Entrainment 101

Your brain has over 100 BILLION neurons that are constantly talking to each other. They do this through exchanging a very small current each time, which builds up to produce a bunch of electrical activity which we can then measure using an EEG machine.

Without going into the science too deep. EEG studies have shown that we all flip between the following 4 main brain states –

Delta (0.1–4 Hz) – Deep sleep. Complete loss of awareness from surroundings.

Theta (4–8 Hz) – Light dreaming.

Alpha (8–14 Hz) – Meditative state. Awake but relaxed. Improved memory recall.

Beta (14–30 Hz) – Awake and alert. Most of our day is spend here.


We can use sound to manipulate which state we're in and then fine tune this to get specific responses such as improved focus, increased relaxation and more.

I do this regularly by showing on some headphones and listening in at one of the following websites.

Learn more: Brainwave.FM | FocusAtWill.com


Your mission

Pick one of the biobacks – Meditation, Posture, Brain Entrainment and commit to it for 7 days.

Bookmark this page, come back in your 7 days and comment if you feel the hack has made a difference (and what you are planning to do next).



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