3 Tips to Create Urgency in Sales

Do your sales cycles seem to drag on and on and on? Do you attempt to close the sale but you get  knocked back with “maybes” and “I’ll have to think about it?”

Well creating urgency in B2B sales is incredibly important and it’s the answer to your issues. If your potential customers don’t feel in a rush to purchase from you, then they are communicating that they don’t feel like you’re really solving any problem worth rushing for.

So in this video I’m going to share 4 tips that will help you create more urgency in sales so you can reduce the number of maybes you get, without being manipulative or weird. So stay tuned.

Not being able to create a level of urgency with a potential customer is the number one reason why deals “stall”.

One of the key differences between high performing sales professionals that crush targets and those that don’t, is the number of “stalled” potential deals in their sales pipelines.

A potential customer is classed as stalled, you’ve tried to close them and they haven’t said “yes” or “no”.

Stalled deals will kill your chances of hitting your sales target and the 4 tips I’m about to share with you will help you give them some mometum through increasing the level of urgency.

Many low performing sales professionals waste time telling to sell these stalled individuals and the fact is, that once the momentum of the initial discovery calls and solution presentations has waned, every week that goes by, it becomes increasingly unlikely that the potential customer will ever buy from you.

So how does you pipeline look? Do you have a bunch of stalled accounts in there? If so then this video is going to help.

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