The ONLY 3 Reasons You Should Be Social Selling

Want to get started in “social selling”?

It’s cool and so you should be doing it right now?


Are your customers on social? If not then don’t read any further.

If they are, then here are the three types of social selling conversations you should be focusing on to really move the needle on social media.


Creating targeted conversations with potential prospects

The goal here is to increase your visibility, reach and the persona of being an industry expert with potential new customers.

Social selling allows you to do this in a positive way, far from the industry standard practice of spamming the crap out of your target demographic through cold emails.

Note: The individual must be able to get value from a conversation with you otherwise what is the point in reaching out to them…


Strengthening current prospecting conversations

Stop pitching for a minute or two and start having conversations with your prospects.

Think about the people that you know, like and trust in your personal life. Most of them are either family or became friends after a string of long, deep chats (usually after 5 pints).

Humans are programmed not to trust people that we haven’t conversed with for decent periods of time. So leverage the access that social media gives you to your decision makers to ask interesting questions and just get to know them.

It takes time up front for sure but it saves a bunch of faffing when it’s time to ask for the business.


Doubling down on conversations with current customers

Don’t be that sales rep that only calls every 18 months when it’s time to renew the contract.

If like me in my medical device sales job, 50% of your yearly business comes from current customers, scale your interactions with them by constantly keeping in touch over social media.

It’s far more time effective than trying to call in to see them all each week.


It’s important to understand that “social selling” hasn’t changed sales.

10 years ago the top sales performers would be having the same relationship deepening conversations over the phone.

All that changed is that EVERYONE (as in the entire planet) now communicates over social media rather than voice calls.

It’s your job as a sales professional to communicate on the platforms your prospects and customers want to communicate on.

Not what is easiest for you to spam on…

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