3 bullshit excuses that hold salesmen back

90% of what holds you back is the voice in your head. It will often set clear can and can’t without hearing out the evidence. Your internal voice can very easily sentence you to a lifetime of battling uphill for motivation.


“It’s Too (Blank)”

“Too Hard.” “Too Unrealistic.” “Too Easy.”

Do you find yourself making excuses why you shouldn’t make that call or visit that prospect? Ask yourself how much evidence there really is to support this assumption.

The quickest way to break through is to turn the question on its head. If you force yourself to truly believe you can do it, your internal voice will motivate you to get it done.


“I’m Not (Blank) Enough”

If you say “it’s too (blank),” you’re pinning the blame on the situation. When your internal voice says you’re “not (blank) enough,” you’re then pinning the blame on yourself.

This is just stupid. You’re trying to sell product, not save the world. As painful as it is for most men to hear, you’re simply not a superhero. You’re just trying to increase your pay check.

Man up. You have the balls to get it done.


“But I Don’t Have (Blank)”

The average male will produce roughly 525 billion sperm cells over a lifetime and you’re the one that made it.

Don’t let your inner voice trick you with “but I need XYZ to make the sale”, you don’t. You’re genuinely unique and have skills that your competition don’t.

Go and make good use of them.



“I’ll do it tomorrow”

Wow, this is the number one killer of sales motivation. Your inner voice only has to whisper this to you when you’re slightly fatigued and your day is done.

However the question to ask back is “if you’re not going to do this today, what is going to be different about tomorrow that will make me do it then”?

If you don’t get a decent answer back, then just get the task done now.


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