#402: Behind The Scenes Secrets To Getting Your Dream Sales Job With Michael Pici

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Michael Pici is the director of sales at Hubspot and on today's episode of the Salesman Podcast he is opening the doors to the volt of secrets to closing your dream sales job.

What you will learn in this episode:

Michael openly and honestly shares some of the tactics that sales leadership use to separate the best from the worst candidates. He and also explains –

  • Why you don't necessarily need experience to get a sales job in a specific industry
  • How to demonstrate skills rather than just talk about them
  • Why waiting for an opening and submitting a CV isn't the best way to secure that dream sales job


Time stamps for audio version of show:

  • [00:35] – Intro
  • [03:14] – Do you need industry experience to secure a “tech” sales role?
  • [07:36] – Who gets hired first, a BDR with industry experience or a rep from another industry with a good selling track record?
  • [11:48] – Personal values needed to work in sales at Hubspot
  • [14:33] – Will screwed up… but personal branding saved the day
  • [17:17] – How to demonstrate skills/values rather than just talking about them
  • [28:58] – What is going on behind the scenes during the interviews that candidates should know about…?
  • [35:41] – How to take an “account based selling” approach to closing a sales job
  • [38:18] – What is a total potential job destroyer when you're being Googled?
  • [43:21] – Is personal brand going to become more and more important in sales?
  • [50:45] – Wrap up


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