#400: How To Increase Your Level Of SALES GRIT With Ray Makela

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Ray Makela is the CCO at the Sales Readiness Group and is a selling expert. He joins me on today’s show to share why GRIT is so important to success in sales.

What you will learn in this episode:

Ray dives into the power of understanding what GRIT is and increasing your levels of it –

  • How to decipher if you have naturally high levels or GRIT or not
  • The number of follow ups a GRITTY sales professional sends
  • If it’s possible to hit your sales target without all this extra work (the answer might surprise you)


Time stamps for audio version of show:

  • [00:35] – Intro
  • [02:35] – What is GRIT?
  • [03:50] – Is it as simple as being passionate about your product?
  • [06:43] – How to we know if we have GRIT or not?
  • [08:52] – What makes up a deal that “we can’t lose”?
  • [14:10] – How many emails do we need to send before we are considered a “GRITTY salesperson”?
  • [19:19] – The difference in follow up between someone with GRIT and without
  • [22:39] – How to get back in control of a sales conversation? 
  • [30:24] – How long is “long term” in the context of sales?
  • [35:34] Can you hit your sales targets without all this extra work?
  • [45:05] – Wrap up


Resources mentioned:



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