#396: Why Your LIMITING BELIEFS Are Holding You Back From Sales Success With Paul Adamson

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Paul Adamson is a world leading sales strategy consultant and on this episode of the Salesman Podcast he is sharing what limiting beliefs are, how they get embedded into our brains and how they can stop us from thriving in sales.

What you will learn in this episode:

Paul goes deep into a personal belief that shaped his life in the first 5 minutes of the show. Stick around to the end to learn –

  • The real science that shows that your “reticular activating system” makes people who feel successful become more successful
  • An explanation of the importance of celebrating your wins
  • How beliefs both positive and negative shape everything we do, say, be and have in our lives


Time stamps for audio version of show:

  • [01:00] – Intro
  • [04:37] – Do we all have beliefs that are pulling our strings from the background?
  • [13:25] – How does your belief of how you are going to perform in the future effect your actions today?
  • [21:13] – Why if you believe you a “B player” you will become and remain a “B player”
  • [30:26] – What is the reticular activating system and what does it do?
  • [35:20] – Why you must celebrate your wins in sales
  • [46:58] – Wrap up


Resources mentioned:

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