#393: DITCH THE COLD CALL! How To SMART CALL And Eliminate Phone Rejection With Art Sobczak

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Art Sobczak is a phone selling expert and joins me on today's show to explain how we can both ditch the cold call and eliminate the rejection from phone selling in an instant.


What you will learn in this episode:

Whether you sell 100% on the phone or it's just one of the tools in your arsenal, most sales professionals could improve their game. In this episode Art shares the knowledge to –

  • Eliminate the weirdness, value sucking nature of “traditional cold calls”
  • Understand the importance of using positive self language to bulletproof yourself from personal rejection
  • Take advantage of a huge opportunity your competitors are missing out on (revolving around getting back to your prospects quicker and so being first in the sales queue)


Time stamps for audio version of show:

  • [00:42] – Intro
  • [02:01] – Is cold calling dead?
  • [02:52] – We we avoid calling prospects because of the potential for rejection?
  • [04:40] – What happens when we beat ourselves up with negative language 
  • [08:57] – The difference between feeling rejected and feeling great on that next call…
  • [12:49] – Are some people born with the ability to deflect rejection or is it a learnt skill?
  • [15:22] – “I only like to use the term cold call, in a derogatory, negative way” 
  • [23:55] – Are sales professionals missing an opportunity for success by not following up quicker?
  • [30:27] – Is the most imprtant thing just adding value rather than worrying about the communication platform itself?
  • [40:00] – Wrap up


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