#392: Are You Struggling To Hit Your Sales Target? (WE GET REAL!) With Victor Antonio

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Victor Antonio is a true sales expert and on today’s show he’s getting real. He breaks down when missing target means that you’ve room to grow vs when it means that you shouldn’t be in sales at all.


What you will learn in this episode:

Victor spits some truth and hopefully a small percentage of #SalesNation will get uncomfortable listening to this episode –

  • How to know if you’re the “right fit” for a sales role
  • The process of uncovering if you’ve the opportunity for more sales success than you’re currently achieving
  • Why you need to love your product or service if you’re going to be an “A player”


Time stamps for audio version of show:

  • [00:42] – Intro
  • [03:02] – What are the red flags that we’re struggling in our sales role?
  • [06:17] – Do struggling sales people know what they should be doing and just not implement it?
  • [14:37] – What types of people perform better in sales than others?
  • [20:35] – How to uncover if you have the potential for sales success even if you’re finding it tough right now?
  • [33:25] – What other benchmarks are there of sales success other than just “hitting target”?
  • [37:21] – Can you thrive in sales if you don’t love the product you’re selling?
  • [45:25] – Wrap up


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