#389: How To Make A First Impression That Instantly Builds Rapport And Closes Deals With Ryan O’Hara

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Ryan O'Hara is the VP of Growth at LeadIQ and has consistently made me smile with the personality he throws into his sales and marketing communications.

Making this rapport building, entertaining and reply demanding first impression when reaching out to new prospects is exactly what we're diving into on today's episode of the show.

What you will learn in this episode:

I'm constantly banging on about the need for sales professionals to lose the stereotypical “kind regards”, “Dear” and other super uptight corporate language in emails.

Prospects want to speak to a real person who has the opportunity to add value to them, not a corporate drone. Ryan explains how we can turn this on it's head by –

  • Injecting our personality into our email communications
  • Breaking through the noise with humour, video and more
  • Exactly what you should be including within your first touch email to the prospect

Time stamps for audio version of show:

  • [00:41] – Intro
  • [02:15] – What first impression does the stereotypical sales professional leave in the mouth of their prospects right now?
  • [03:24] – Is it hard to break through the noise in sales because of an increase in content?
  • [06:31] – Will has 100's of emails a day and he's a small fry. The CEO's that we're all reaching out to must be super swamped!
  • [10:21] – Does 10x bespoke emails out perform 100x spammed, uncustomized emails?
  • [12:53] – Is sales as simple as just showing that you care?
  • [18:50] – What should be included in a great first email? 
  • [30:34] – How is sales communication going to change with VR, video email and whatever platform we communicate on next?
  • [45:532 – Outro

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