#387: Do You Have The Traits Of A CRAZY Successful Salesperson? With Scott Ingram

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Scott Ingram is the host of the Sales Success Stories Podcast and on today’s episode I’m asking about the similarities between the top sales performers he interviews on his show.

I wanted to find out if there were any stand out traits that the worlds leading sales reps have, so that we can then look at how we can implement these traits into our game too.


What you will learn in this episode:

We all know that to be successful in sales you need to get the fundamentals right. But do you really need to implement “social selling”, do you need to be working from a methodology like SPIN or the Challenger Sale to succeed?

That is exactly what we’re discussing in this episode –

  • What the most common and “best” sales methodology is
  • The importance of having a sales process in place
  • Why you need to pick your mentors in sales very carefully


Time stamps for audio version of show:

  • [00:40] – Show intro
  • [03:06] – Does successful sales professionals LOVE their products?
  • [05:29] – Where do sales beliefs come from?
  • [07:00] – A way to hack your personal beliefs about sales
  • [10:04] – What is the best sales methodology (challenger sale, SPIN etc)
  • [13:26] – Which is more important having a process or the methodology itself?
  • [19:26] – Will shares that it’s important that you pick and choose your sales mentors
  • [30:58] – How can we become more self aware about our strengths and weaknesses in sales?
  • [35:47] – Counter-intuitive sales success traits
  • [39:12] – Does a strong sales pipeline enable you to have sales success?
  • [49:52] – Outro


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