187: How The CEO Wants To Be Sold (From A Tech Start-Up CEO) With Dylan Baskind

Dylan Baskind is the CEO of Qwilr a hot tech start up and he's being pitched constantly.

In today's episode he shares what works to get him on the phone, the buying signals he shows and how best to close a deal with him.

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  • 1:12 Show intro
  •  2:10 Interview starts
  • 3:29 The percentage of cold emails/calls that Dylan responds to
  • 8:29 How much customisation you need within your emails
  • 10:54 Why salespeople should have original content
  • 12:38 The importance of having a wide business knowledge (P&L etc)
  • 15:12 Should sales people be upfront?
  • 21:44 Should you offer a demo?
  • 24:06 CEO buying signals
  • 25:07 How to follow up with a CEO
  • 31:36 The role of aesthetics in sales
  • 37:54 One piece of sales advice for #SalesNation
  • 42:08 Wrap up

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BOOK: Thinking, Fast And Slow


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