11 Things Salespeople Are Tired Of Hearing


1) It’s too expensive


Then why are we having this conversation? You have no idea if I can move on price. You wouldn’t be speaking to me if you thought you couldn’t afford it.


2) Just go make more phone calls


Welcome to back to 1995. Unfortunately all the salespeople that have come before us have ruined this approach of dialling for dollars by pissing everyone who has a phone off.


3) I just need to ask my wife


The classic in the B2C field. Why do blokes still think this excuse isn’t going to hurt our feelings? We know that you’re never coming back.


4) I am going to buy. I’ll come back this afternoon


So I do all the work and someone else can swoop in and claim in the commission? Hell no.


5) I just need to research the competition

Why are you telling me that? Are you purposely trying to make me mad?


6) I’ll just have to ask my boss to sign off


Why didn’t you explain that you’re not the decision maker in the first place?


7) This is a red hot lead


No sales lead from marketing has ever been ‘red hot’.


8) You can give me a discount because of all the commission you’re going to get from this deal


You can increase my commission because you’re such hard work to deal with.


9) Your sales target has gone up


Hire more salespeople, don’t throw the entire companies revenue goals on top of your current sales team who is already struggling to keep up.


10) I’ll give you a call on Saturday to close everything off


I have a life too you know. Kind of.


11) You drink too much when you’re with prospects

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