Will And Victor Buy Cars? Inflation? Selling Frameworks? | This Week In Sales

On this week in sales we’ll be looking at: 

  • Our car buying experiences 
  • Seismic surpassing $200m in revenue 
  • Increasing product pricing due to inflation 

And much more!


Seismic surpasses $200m in annual revenue run rate

Seismic, the global leader in sales enablement, today announced it has surpassed $200 million in annual revenue run rate.

  • Sales Enablement
  • Marketing Enablement
  • Social Selling enablement
  • Analytics


How B2B Firms Can Price with Confidence as Inflation Rises

Inflation is rising globally, cutting into companies’ profits. To deal with that, companies will need to raise prices.

Many business-to-business (B2B) companies granted their customers pricing relief due to the pandemic, meaning they’d already sunk into a pricing hole even without inflation.

These five strategies can help B2B firms manage price increases intelligently:

  1. treat customers differently, according to how valuable they are to your business
  2. exchange price for other valuable features – B2B companies can pass on surcharges for fuel, expedited shipping, inventory holding, and longer payment terms
  3. enforce what’s in your contracts
  4. consider indirect increases
  5. adjust your product mix.


Lilt Launches Next-Generation Multilingual Asset Management

New Solution Enables Higher Quality Localization Through Automated Linguistic Asset Management

Lilt, the modern language service and technology provider, announced the launch of Multilingual Asset Management, a new solution that enables companies to achieve higher quality localization and deliver a more unified brand and voice globally through better, more automated linguistic data quality control.

“Linguistic data curation is an essential discipline for modern localization, which depends on training custom machine learning systems. Translation quality is too often compromised by poorly maintained translation memories and glossaries that no longer conform to brand requirements” said Lilt CEO Spence Green.


Sales Enablement vs. Sales Operations: What’s the Difference?

Sales Operations 

Sales operations are the technical activities that reduce friction for sales reps on a daily basis. Sales operations may include the maintenance of your team’s CRM, data tracking and analysis, setting up new hardware or software for your reps, and so forth. 

You can think of your sales operations team as a combination of management, IT, as well as “customer support” for your sales reps.

What are the Differences Between Sales Operations and Sales Enablement?

Let’s review some of the major differences between sales operations and sales enablement:

  • Sales operations tend to be more “tactical” in nature, whereas sales enablement is more of an overarching strategy.
  • Sales operations are almost exclusively concerned with the sales team, whereas sales enablement involves both sales and marketing.
  • A sales operations team manages and maintains the tech stack for sales reps; a sales enablement team identifies new technologies to implement, and then collaborates with sales operations to make their vision a reality
  • The sales operations team manages compensation plans and incentives for reps; the sales enablement team analyzes performance levels and looks for ways to improve them.
  • Sales operations typically don’t include content creation, whereas sales enablement assists with the development of an effective content creation strategy.


The Top Sales Trends: Digital Technology and Social Issues Drive Dramatic Changes in Sales

AI technology is enabling enterprises to offload customer support tasks. For instance, chatbots are at the center of new conversational customer experiences and rewriting rules that were based on procedures that often started with a cold call and included face-to-face follow-up meetings. Turning routine tasks over to machines has many potential benefits:

  • About 40 percent of sales tasks can be performed by AI. 
  • chatbots reduce service calls by 30 percent;
  • 52 percent of consumers are more likely to make repeat purchases if the company offers support via live chat;
  • 79 percent of companies say live chat has had positive results for sales and revenue;
  • 47 percent of consumers would be open to making a purchase completely from a chatbot
  • B2B sales organizations are creating self-service, digital buying experiences and following their customers’ lead: 43 percent of B2B customers prefer to not interact with a sales rep at all, according to Gartner.


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