Why You Need To Be EGDY To Crush It In Sales With Dan Waldschmidt

Dan Waldschmidt joins Will on this episode of the Salesman Podcast to discuss why salespeople need to become EDGY if they are going to crush it.





How Ordinary People Can Achieve Outrageous Success

The show starts with Will asking Dan how he came about with the EDGY acronym and why salespeople need to be the following to have massive success in business (and in life) –

  • Extreme Behaviour
  • Disciplined Activity
  • Giving Mindset
  • Y(H)uman Strategy

Dan explains how even though he was successful in sales early in his career his gut feeling was that the classic books on selling were missing something which lead time to write his book and define his strategy for success.

“What do people say? No risk. What do you get? no reward. So we eliminate this from the sales process in the allure of predictable revenue and often often end up with this stale stagnant process where anyone charm, anyone with drive, anyone with determination is wholly unsatisfied and we drive these people from our ranks and wonder why we can't improve performance “

The show is wrapped up with Dan explaining how to keep the fire of sales motivation burning long after you close your podcast APP and put your iPhone down.

Dan and Will also cover –

  • Why personal stories and brands are becoming increasingly important
  • The EDGY way of doing business
  • How ‘will' is your most important asset in sales
  • Why if you're not motivated to sell you might be fighting the wrong battle
  • The benefits of running, jogging, walking and just moving in general
  • Why thing in your personal life affect your business life
  • Why it's important to give




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Guest info:

Since birth Dan Waldschmidt has been refusing to accept business as usual.

Sure, he had a lawn mowing business at 12, but he turned his into a money-making machine (though he opted not to tell his mom about his increased profits).

He ran track like plenty of other kids, but he pushed himself to break his high school’s mile record. He got the usual entry-level job right out of college, but then he changed the sales process, earned millions of dollars for the company, and became CEO by the time he was 25.

These days, Dan is a business strategist. A popular speaker. And an ultra-runner.


Show notes:



Dan's Youtube channel


Og Mandino


Books mentioned:

Edgy Conversations: How Ordinary People Can Achieve Outrageous Success

The Greatest Salesman in the World


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