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Thank you for giving back by sending over a video testimonial. It takes a couple of minutes but really does help us grow.

What to say

You can share whatever you like about Academy. A quick 30 -60 second video is perfect. Here are a few pointers:

  • Share your name
  • Share your job title
  • Explain what you like about the training program
  • Communicate if you’d recommend it to others

How to record

The easiest way to record a quick video is from your iPhone or Android device (instructions below).

However, feel free to record whichever way you like. The medium isn’t as important as the message.

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iPhone instructions

Step 1: Open your camera app

Step 2: Select video and press record

Step 3: Select the video you just recorded by clicking the thumbnail

Step 4: Select the video, tap email and then send to

Android instructions

Step 1: Open your camera app and record a video

Step 2: Open the “gallery” app

Step 3: Go to Albums then tap on the video

Step 4: Click share

Step 5: Click email and send the file to