The Rocky Road to Becoming a Sales MILLIONAIRE

Money! We all love it. We all want it. And we all never seem to have enough of it.

Sam here tried his hand at sales because of the earning potential. But he quickly dropped out due to the stress.

But Walter knew that if you could push through the downsides, you could bring in a massive income. We’re talking MILLIONS. And he also learned the tricks to make earning beefy commissions easier than ever.

And that’s what we’re covering today—the risks, the rewards, and the simple steps you can follow to become a sales millionaire.

Now, working in sales is no picnic by any means.

On the one hand, there’s the rejection. Which sorry to say, is typically a given. The better you get, the less of a problem it becomes, sure. But first starting out, you’re going to get some no’s.

On top of that, the cold calling and cold emailing can be monotonous at times.

But by and large, the toughest thing about sales is this—you are the one responsible for your pay. If you suck, you sink. And for some, that can be a terrifying prospect. Because if you slack off, you aren’t guaranteed the paycheck you’ve come to depend on.

A sales career isn’t a cakewalk. That much is clear. But there are some serious benefits to it too. Benefits that no other career can offer.

And today, that’s what we’re talking about. The upsides. The reason why sales is in my opinion, so special. So exciting. And so fulfilling.

So let’s jump into it.

A) Quickest Way to Make Money

It’s the quickest way to make money. There are other careers that may get you to that 7-figure level at some point. But sales is without a doubt the fastest. So, why is that?

1. Product Development’s Done Already

The hard work’s done. Your brand’s already spent the time, the money, and the effort to create a working product. And they’ve built connections with vendors, distributors, and regulatory agencies to handle all those sticky logistics.

All you have to do is sell it!

2. You Can Stay Mobile

You can stay mobile. Sales skills tend to transfer cleanly from one company, market, and even industry to another. If you were killing at company A, you’ll probably kill it at company B too.

So once you’ve built up a proven success record, you can easily move on to a more profitable company. Working your way up and up until you’re at an employer and salary that’s a fit for your goals.

There aren’t a lot of other positions that allow for this level of mobility. So take advantage.

3. Brand Leverage

Brand leverage. One of the great things about sales is you can leverage the social proof of the brand you’re working for.

If you’re working with one that’s established, they already have a customer base. They’ve got a market. And they’ve probably got case studies, success stories, and testimonials that you can distribute to potential buyers.

If you were to say, start your own business, you’d have to toil away for years to make a name for yourself. But as a rep, that hard work’s already done for you.

4. Inbound Sales Leads

Inbound sales leads. In all likelihood, your brand will have a marketing department. And that marketing department will literally feed you leads. That’s their entire purpose—to send qualified buyers to your doorstep.

And if they do things right, that means you don’t have to work nearly as hard to get prospects knocking on your door.

Alright so let’s get into the second reason sales can be such a great career.

B) Least Risky Way to Make Money

It’s the least risky way to make money. With other money-making ventures, risk is a serious factor. In many cases, the risks outweigh the earning potential. And if they don’t, it’s usually because the pay isn’t all that great to begin with.

You Can Become Unsackable

See, every business knows the value of a great sales rep. We are the lead moneymakers, the final step between selling and sold. And there is a direct and easily observable correlation between a bad rep and a good one—good ones bring in more money.

That’s why a quality rep is such a secure position. There’s not an iota of confusion about your contribution to the company. So as a rep, you’re likely going to be one of the last employees to go on the chopping block.

On top of all that though, your competitors will proactively try to poach you. That means if you do get fired, it’s an easy path to another job. Plus, you can leverage their offers for a raise at your own.

It’s also the least risky way to make money because…

The Alternative is to Start Your Own Business

The alternative is to start your own business. When you boil it down to earning potential and speed of making your first million, creating a business for yourself is the only real alternative to a sales position.

And there are some very real downsides here.

First you’ve got to develop a product. That can take years and years of brainstorming, rigorous testing, partnering with the right vendors, blah blah blah. You see how this can take forever.

But even when you do develop a product, you’ve still got to build awareness around it AND, surprise surprise, you have to be good at SELLING that product anyhow! It all comes back down to sales, doesn’t it?

And finally, most importantly, most businesses just don’t make it that long. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that one out of five businesses go under in their first year. Only half make it to year five. And by year ten, 2 out of 3 are kaput.

So when it comes to the best alternative to sales in order to make your millions, the odds are just stacked against you.

Let’s move onto the third reason for sales being such a great moneymaker.

C) Simplest Way to Make Money

It’s the simplest way to make money… if you know what you’re doing that is.

Here’s why. Once you get good at it, it actually becomes easier to make more money. For instance, once you make a name for yourself, you can start selling products that are…

Well Known, Easy to Explain, High Value

Well known products already have great marketing and inbound lead generation systems in place. Think of platforms like HubSpot CRM. Practically every business owner already knows about HubSpot. And that means selling prospects on its value doesn’t take much work at all, making your life 100% easier.

Easy to explain products have strong messaging. And they’ve already broken through to the mainstream. There’s no question about what they do. Because everyone already understands it! Think DHL here with their tagline, “Excellence. Simply Delivered.”

And last but not least, once you get good at sales, you can also work with products that have a high value. These are the products where it’s easy to show a strong ROI. And that means less squabbling over budget problems.

The Selling Made Simple Academy, for example, has a very clear value proposition—find and close more sales in the next 30 days or your money back. It’s as easy as that.

Strong, Proven, Repeatable Sales Process

This is a process you can use every day that’ll consistently let you blow past quotas. And it’s a process that lets you scale your earning potential rather than keeping your income level set.

For you, that means no more guesswork. No more struggling with meeting your numbers. And no more hoping this next call is the one.

Instead, it’s a system you know works. And it’s giving you more financial freedom than ever.

Now, there are plenty of sales methodologies out there. But obviously we recommend the Selling Made Simple Academy. This academy uses easy-to-follow yet highly actionable selling frameworks that, well, make selling simple.

And it’s helped literally thousands of sales reps just like you up their game and earn more than they thought possible.

So if you’re interested, I recommend having a look today over at


Now I know, sales can be tough. There’s rejection, monotony on some days, and your pay largely depends on your own abilities. If you suck, you sink. And that can be scary for some. But the downsides come with a major upside—the opportunity for making serious bank.

So don’t be fooled here—sales can suck. But when you know what you’re doing, it can hands down be the most lucrative and fulfilling career of your life. No question about it.


















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