The Four Personality Types & How to Sell To Them

There are four different types of buyer personality types and these personality types make up the acronym STAR.

In this episode we’re going to outline each personality type and then I’m going to share the best way to sell to them.

“Psychopath” is not a personality type that we’re going to cover in this episode and so it won’t help you deal with your sales manager, but for everyone else, if you’re ready then hit that thumbs up button and lets get into it…

#1 Structured

First up we have the “structured” buyer personality type.

Buyers with the structured personality type think in systems. They don’t want you to give them one piece of the puzzle, they want to know how everything works altogether.

You will notice a prospect that has a structured buyer personality type because they will ask you questions like “and what happens next?” or “what is the previous step”.

When selling to buyers with a structured personality type you need to give them all the step by step processes they need to implement to go from where they are right now to where they want to be. Cut back on the emotional side of the sales process and focus on the analytical.

#2 Technical

Next we have the personality type of the technical buyer.

A technical buyer is someone very analytical. They want to know every detail about the product you’re selling.

These individuals tend to be the end users of your product rather than the real decision makers who are in more senior positions within an organisation.

As long as you’re an expert on your product and you give the technical buyer personality enough time to ask you questions, these buyers are the easiest to get on board.

#3 Action-based

Then we have “action-based” buyers.

Buyers with the action-based personality type tend to be social butterflies. They’re constantly in meetings, taking calls and networking with everyone they possibly can.

Typically buyers with action-based personality types are charismatic, competitive and want to get shit done…

Does that found familiar? Well most salespeople typically have a streak of the action-based personality type too.

When you’re selling to these action-based personality type individuals you should focus on the fact that you’re similar and use this to build rapid rapport with them.

Additionally, if you can make these buyers look good in front of their peers they’re far more likely to want to buy from you. On top of that, stay out of the weeds, don’t get to analytical and you’ll have great success closing them.

#4 Relationship

Finally, we have the relationship focused buyer personality types.

Buyers with the relationship focused personality type used to run middle management in both small, medium businesses and the enterprise.

20 years ago, salespeople would take these relationship focused individuals out for lunch, off for a quick round of golf and that would get deals done.

These days relationship focused buyers are getting pushed out of management because it’s become more cutthroat and fast paced.

You can recognise these buyers because they will be weary of you when you first engage with them but you’ll see them warm to you over time.

To win business from relationship focused buyers you have to share valuable content with them, connect with them routinely and engage at the personal level not just as a businessperson.


So, there are the four personality types –

  • Structured buyer
  • Technical buyer
  • Action-based buyer
  • Relationship-focused buyer

The first step is understanding which one of these you are closest to matching as a seller.

Then understand the different wants and needs of each buyer personality type and adjust your sales process accordingly when you engage with each type.

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