Should Salespeople Have A Work/Life Balance? – #Salespresso

Stop kidding yourself, there is no such thing as a work life balance.

That is exactly what “big business” wants you to think…



The work/life balance myth

The corporate world would love you to believe that we’ve been working 9-5, 5 days a week for thousands of years.

It’s simply not true.

Working certain hours, doing a certain task, for someone else is a modern phenomena.

It might be hard to hear at first but since you were a child you’ve been trained by schools, universities and your parents that the “smart” thing to do is get a job, have a nice work/life balance and then retire.

The truth is that you only have one life.

Everything fits into that one life – work, sex, play, holiday, death, growth.

It’s down to you to decide which is more important in the moment.

Chasing and closing deals on a Sunday evening or spending the time with your loved ones.


I’m a walking, talking contradiction

If you follow Salesman.Red on Instagram or Facebook you’ll see that I’m regularly say that 80% of becoming a successful salesperson is simply down to the amount of hustle you put in.

Forget learning to influence, present or leverage non-verbal communication. They don’t mean shit if you’re sat at home, watching Netflix at 4pm on a weekday.

You will have some competition that isn’t as skilled, isn’t as talented, has a worse product but they’re selling when you’re not.


“You don’t have a work life or a professional life, you just have a life”Mark Tewart

I’ve been back to my parents in Liverpool twice over the past 2 weeks for a total of 6 days. In those 6 days I’ve done nothing work related.

No blogs, podcasts, videos or phone calls to sell advertising on this site.

This is because I only ever have one priority in my life at a time.

Usually it’s building the Salesman.Red brand and selling sponsorships to raise funds so we can grow quicker.

But when I was home all I focused on was my Mum who is currently in hospital having some further cancer treatment.

There was no shift in my work balance over towards life balance.

That is nonsense.

I dropped everything and made my Mum the focus because you only have one life and so you have to be very careful how you spend every waking minute.

You can always hustle to make more money, you can’t bring back the hours you’d wished you’d spent with your loved ones.


The Expert

Mark Tewart is a recognized expert in sales, marketing, management, personal development, motivation, business operations as well a highly recognized automotive industry sale training expert.

Mark has an extensive and successful background spanning over three decades ranging from sales & finance to becoming one of the youngest Executive Managers in the country at the age of twenty seven.

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