The ONLY Sales Strategy You Need to Know

The absolute best way to excel in sales is by following a proven system that delivers consistently great results. And today, I’m breaking down the ONLY sales system you need to know to be a roaring success in this industry.

In fact, it’s the same system we’ve used to help well over 2,000 sales professionals maximize their on-the-job effectiveness, blow past their previous income goals, and achieve real, lasting sales success.

The System

Let’s start with a question…

When’s the last time you were sitting at your desk, wondering “What do I do now?”

Now don’t misunderstand me here—sales is busy. Busy as all hell in fact. You’ve got product demos, client questions, cold outreach, quotas—and on top of it all, a sales manager breathing down your neck.

But all this stress and business, it doesn’t really mean you’re productive. You feel busy, sure. But when people don’t have a proven sales system to follow, they tend to… flail. Less gets done around the office. Opportunities go overlooked. And unmet quotas fly by month after month with little improvement.

You’re still stressed, of course. But even still, you aren’t able to make any real, lasting progress. And those feelings of stagnation, of plateauing, are the first signs of burnout.

Mental health advocate and Founder of UNCrushed Time Clarke once told me in an interview, “I do research around a survey with B2B sales professionals, and of those, 67% of the respondents strongly agreed that they are currently close to burnout or experiencing burnout.”

67% of sales reps feel this way!

And the problem in most cases is not having a cohesive system for driving consistent results and becoming a better, more effective salesperson.

It’s this problem in particular that we’ve solved for over 2,000 reps with our Selling Made Simple system. And it’s this proven system I’m covering in this video.

Now, let’s get into the ONLY sales system you’ll ever need to know.

Like I said, this is the exact system we cover in the Selling Made Simply training. And it’s made up of four equally important steps…

1: Understand Your Market

First up is understanding your market. Before you can even hope to close a sale, you have to know who you’re selling to.

And that means understanding three things in particular. 

A) Honing Your Value Proposition

First is getting intimately familiar with your value proposition and tailoring it to your ideal buyer.

What are the unique problems your prospects are facing? What solutions have they already tried to solve those problems?

The more you understand about your customer, the better position you’ll be in to cater your value proposition to their distinct needs. 

B) Understanding Your Buyer’s Journey

Next up is understanding your buyer’s journey.

Prospects move through very specific steps on their way to buying your product. From awareness and consideration to purchase and re-purchase. Guiding prospects through each of these steps effectively means knowing what information to deliver and when to deliver it. 

C) Nailing Down the Numbers

Finally, there’s playing the numbers game.

How many prospects do you have to reach out to in order to book a single discovery call? How many of those turn into a qualified lead? And how many of those are going to actually become a buyer?

Sales is, in fact, a numbers game. And the better you get at tracking and playing to those numbers, the better you’ll become at meeting goals and closing deals consistently.

The next step in this sales system is getting in front of your buyers.

2: Get In Front of Buyers

Getting in front of buyers. Sales don’t happen in a vacuum. Buyers are busy. And to close deals, you need to do the hard work to connect with prospects regularly and strategically.

For most reps, that means reaching out in three different ways:

A) Cold Email

First is cold email.

Email has a potential ROI of 44:1—that’s 4,400%! The trick is understanding how to wield this outreach method effectively.

Subject lines, send times, body copy, value-adds—they’re all vital for cold emails that get responses from hot prospects. So do your homework before hitting “Send”!

B) Cold Calling

Then there’s cold calling.

I know—the bane of every sales rep’s existence, right? But you don’t have to be fearful of cold calling. With the right game plan and the right intentions, you can turn awkward calls into value-adding conversations. 

C) Social Selling

LinkedIn in particular is one of the best social platforms to demonstrate your knowledge, build a following, and connect with potential leads. Effective social selling isn’t just a powerful supplement to cold emailing and cold calling either. Instead, it actually lets you generate leads while you sleep.

Now, for each of these outreach methods, you also need to develop strategic sales cadences.

D) Sales Cadences

Cadences are sequences of touchpoints you make with prospects. When to make them. How to make them. And what to say at each touchpoint.

Think of it like an outreach roadmap—all you have to do is follow it.

A strategically sound cadence doesn’t just boost your chances of success. It also takes all the time-consuming guesswork out of your processes, saving you time and skyrocketing your earning potential.

3: Communicate the Value

The most flawless outreach won’t do squat if you can’t communicate the value of your product. And to do so, you need to:

A) Diagnose & Discovery

Master diagnosis and discovery. This is the stage of the sales process where you identify the underlying problem your prospect is struggling with and determine if your product can actually help.

Proper lead qualification on discovery calls does more than just save you time. It also lets you demonstrate your authority, build rapport, and drives enthusiasm from the buyer. 

B) Demo, Upsell, & Takeover

Mastering the demo, upsell, and takeover.

These are each three essential steps for becoming a more successful sales rep.

A demo is your chance to showcase how your product really works. And with the right technique, you can create a demo that not only educates and entices prospects, but also drives them to a purchase decision faster.

Mastering the upsell lets you win more business from your current buyers. And with proper upselling, you can earn more commissions for less work.

Then there’s the takeover. With the right strategy and technique, you can convert even the most loyal competitor accounts into enthusiastic buyers. Admittedly, it can take some work. But the rewards are well worth it.

Finally, there’s closing.

C) Closing 

Closing. Funny enough, if you’ve implemented all the previous steps correctly up till this point, closing isn’t actually that difficult. Your prospects should be primed and pumped to work with you. They should fully understand your product and its benefits. And the only question left should be, “Where do I sign?”

That being said, there are a few techniques you can use to clinch the deal even more. Like the Selling Made Simple 2-question closing framework that takes sales rejection out of the equation entirely.

Now, the fourth and final step in the sales system is…

4: Cultivate the Right Mindset

Now, this is a HUGE topic by itself. And there have been countless books, lectures, and seminars on sales mindset alone.

But suffice to say that mindset is the foundation for each of the three previous steps. Do you have the discipline to study and understand your market? The strategy to get in front of buyers? And the assertiveness to communicate the value and close the deal? A lot goes into cultivating that mindset.


Well that about wraps it up for the ONLY sales system you’ll ever need. Remember, crushing it as a sales professional takes:

  • Understanding Your Market
  • Getting in Front of Buyers
  • Communicating the Value
  • Cultivating the Right Mindset

If you can do that, you’ll be well on your way to selling more, earning more, and, most importantly, achieving professional success you never thought possible.

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