10 Sales Podcasts Every Sales Rep Needs on Their Playlist

How to become a fantastic salesperson?

Some recommend becoming more empathetic to understand how to connect with customers; some suggest developing the kind of ego drive that makes you feel you have to make the sale.

Both parties make strong points, but the easiest way (perhaps even the best) to learn effective selling is listening to sales experts and implementing the sales strategies they recommend.

Sales podcasts are goldmines of sales knowledge and techniques. They are hosted by brilliant sales professionals and thought leaders who are more than willing to help you improve.

The issue? There are a lot of great options out there when it comes to podcasts about sales. But which ones are worth your time?

This Salesman.org guide lists the best sales podcasts that share genuine experiences and insights from seasoned entrepreneurs. No fluff, no useless advice.

Let's take a look, shall we?

Best Sales Podcasts: Salesman.org

  • Episode Lengths: 10-60 mins

The Salesman.org umbrella has four different sales podcasts to help you become the absolute best salesman you can be:

Before you say we're blowing our own trumpet, hear us out.

Each of our podcasts was created for a specific purpose.

Salesman Podcast, an award-winning B2B sales podcast, will help you understand how to find high-quality prospects and win more business effectively and ethically. On the other hand, This Week in Sales is a weekly review of the latest sales news, culture, and tech.

Social Selling Show and Selling Made Simple offer bite-sized episodes covering the world's best sales content, making them perfect options for sales professionals looking to improve their skill sets but don't have the time.

Hosts Will Barron, Victor Antonio, and Daniel Disney frequently share the platform with many thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and sales experts. Tune in to listen to strategic B2B selling tactics, insights, and storytelling best practices that are discussed with infectious energy to keep you glued.

Must-Listen Episodes:

Sales Enablement Podcast

Episode Length: 20-60 minutes

Sales Enablement Podcast brings together some of the brightest minds in modern sales and the shows host Andy Paul, a professional with decades of B2B experience, to find solutions for today's common B2B sales challenges.

Andy Paul comes with hands-on sales experience, having worked with some of the biggest sales teams in the world. He's a genuine sales expert who has what it takes to accelerate your sales success (Hence, the name Accelerate! – get it?)

From Jeff Shore to Jill Konrath to Mike Hunter, Andy has consistently invited the biggest names in the business to discuss critical sales insights, skills, perspectives, and technology. He has featured many sales success stories on the show.

This sales podcast will help you grasp various sales concepts and insights in a candid and inspiring manner. The topics discussed are everything sales managers should care about, including tools and tech, tactics to improve the sales process, and “sales rockstars” hiring.

Must-Listen Episodes:

Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast

  • Episode Length: 20-50 minutes

Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast is one of the best startup sales podcasts that highlights and discusses unique challenges in mastering startup sales.

This sales podcast mainly concentrates on the sales team's role in the startup landscape. Aimed at early-stage businesses, it helps founders get their sales team and their processes and productivity in top shape. If you're involved in sales leadership or sales enablement then this show might be for you.

From writing better emails to understanding the latest industry trends to perfecting your sales script, Bowery team members have the best tips up their sleeves to help you succeed. You'll also see guest appearances from notable personalities in the e-commerce and travel niches besides B2B SaaS.

Must-Listen Episodes:

The Sales Evangelist

The Sales Evangelist can be your one-stop-shop for learning how to brainstorm effective sales strategies that work towards revenue and growth goals.

It's hosted by Donald Kelly, who is a well-renowned sales practitioner, trainer and sales professional. As Donald is still on the front lines selling, all his anecdotes and tips are fresh and relevant that can genuinely work to make you more successful in sales.

Another thing we like about The Sales Evangelist is its incredible profile of guests. Donald interviews some of the most significant sales, marketing, and business experts out there who share genuine advice to help you level up your selling game.

Must-Listen Episodes:

The Advanced Selling Podcast

  • Episode Length: 20 minutes

The Advanced Selling Podcast is packed with solid sales advice. But what makes it stand out is the sales podcast's funny and quirky approach to otherwise serious selling topics. Newsflash: it's super entertaining!

Co-hosted by Billy Caskey and Brian Neale, this podcast will help you understand the technical and practical sides of selling. Both Billy and Bryan draw on their wealth of experience as sales trainers to tackle complex topics, such as buyer resistance, managing sales teams, and sales forecasting.

Tune in to learn how to cold call, prospect, forecast sales, and more. Having recorded over 700+ episodes, the Advanced Selling Podcast truely is one of the best sales podcasts out there today.

Must-Listen Episodes:

Predictable Prospecting

  • Episode Length: About 45 minutes

If you're looking for sales advice from a sales veteran with over 30 years of experience, look no further than Predictable Prospecting.

Host Marylou Tyler is a systems-engineer-turned-sales-engagement expert and has worked with bigshots like Apple, Gartner, Bose, and MasterCard. She uses her experience to offer profound prospecting, sales process, and revenue growth advice to help you build a more predictable prospecting and lead generation process.

What's more, various industry experts frequent the podcast to discuss intelligent solutions to maximize your lead generation, sales and marketing, and pipeline management efforts.

Other discussion topics include the art of closing sales, creating gratifying customer experiences, and measuring sales procedures.

Must-Listen Episodes:

Sell or Die

  • Episode Length: 10-50 mins

The husband and wife duo, Jeffrey Gitomer and Jennifer Gluckow, team up to explore the art and science of selling. If you're looking for sales training then this show might be just for you.

Sell or Die uses a humorous, no-fluff approach to help you develop super successful people's mindsets, habits, and strategies. In addition, you can listen to in-depth interviews with business leaders to learn how to tackle sales challenges and achieve business goals.

Tactical content around effective networking, cold calling, and building a social following on popular sales networking sites is also covered.

Listen to Sell or Die episodes if you want to keep current with everything going on in the sales landscape, including strategies and tech.

Must-Listen Episodes:

B2B Growth Show

Episode Length: 10-40 minutes

They say good advice doesn't come for free, but with the B2B Growth Show, you get a free sales podcast that covers everything you need to ace B2B sales.

In every episode, hosts James Carbary and Jonathan Green interview sales leaders on various topics. These topics include buyer personas, sales skills, and marketing alignment, and sales leadership strategy.

The B2B Growth Show uploads new episodes every three to four days and is a great source of sales training. Plus, with over 1600 episodes already, you have enough material to binge to your heart's content.

Must-Listen Episodes:

Conversations with Women in Sales

  • Episode Length: 30-40 minutes

Conversations with Women in Sales is the brainchild of Barbara Giamanco, who envisioned the podcast to be the #1 sales resource for women sales professionals.

After her passing in 2020, Woman Sales Pros founder and president Lori Richardson took over the B2B sales podcast. Lori talks to women sales leaders about their successful careers, experiences, and sales best practices in every episode.

Conversations with Women in Sales concentrates on career growth and effective sales strategizing. Other topics include avoiding impostor syndrome, advancing and succeeding in tech sales, and building a successful sales funnel.

Although Women In Sales is one of the best sales podcasts for women, all sales professionals trying to advance in their careers will find the podcast's insights on topics like leadership, career management, and social selling valuable.

Must-Listen Episodes:

The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling

  • Episode Length: 20-60 minutes

The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling has a no BS approach to B2B selling. The CEO of B2B Revenue hosts it, and bestselling author Brian Burns, well-known for reverse engineering closed deals.

Some people have questioned Brian's B2B sales experience and previous sales success, but we're fans.

Instead of the conventional traditional tips-and-tricks approach, Brian creates sales and buying pattern maps. This cuts out any fluff and allows you to explore lesser-known aspects of common sales topics like cold calling, advanced skills for sales, and solution selling.

Expect to learn tried-and-tested approaches to streamline your sales cycle, optimize customer behavior, and accelerate revenue.

Must-Listen Episodes:

Honorable mentions

Sales Hacker Podcast

Host Sam Jacobs covers topical B2B sales training content each week on the Sales Hacker podcast. The Sales Hacker podcast covers all kinds of content for sales professionals and also sales leaders.

Make It Happen Mondays

Make It Happen Mondays is one of the best sales podcasts for sales leaders that covers everything from the importance of curiosity to building out complete SDR teams from scratch.

Sales Gravy Podcast

Stupid name, but Sales Gravy is a top selling podcast for sales professionals. Host Jeb Blount is one of the top minds in the game and it's a pleasure to hear his sales tips to improve sales performance and progressing your sales career each week.

Sales Influence Podcast

Last but not least, our friend, Victor Antonio. Victor doesn't just co-host the phenomenal This Week In Sales Podcast, he also hosts the Sales Influence podcast too. Each episode is jam packed with actionable advice to improve your sales performance and further your sales career.

Listening to the best sales podcasts will help you become a better salesman, improve your sales and marketing skills and smash your quotas. So leap in, and follow us on Apple Podcasts to learn the latest strategies from the best reps out there.

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