Omnichannel Selling? Tracking Commissions? Conversational Commerce? | This Week In Sales

On this week in sales we’ll be looking at:
  • What omnichannel means for sales professionals
  • Software to track sales commissions
  • Conversational commerce
And much more!


Omnichannel in B2B sales: The new normal in a year that has been anything but
  • ⅔ buyers prefer remote human interactions or digital self service
  • Eight in ten B2B leaders say that omnichannel is as or more effective than traditional methods—a sentiment that has grown sharply throughout the past year—rising from 54 percent at the start of the pandemic to 83 percent in February 2021.
  • B2B budget projections indicate a willingness to spend as well. Despite ongoing market volatility, six in ten respondents plan to maintain or grow their operating expenditure investments over the next five years. And nearly half (47 percent) plan to expand their capital expenditure over the same period
  • Hybrid sales reps will soon become the most common sales role. With omnichannel established as the new buying norm, 64 percent of B2Bs intend to increase the number of hybrid sellers over the next six months QuotaPath raises $21.3M in Insight Partners-led round to help sales teams better track commissions AJ Bruno, Cole Evetts and Eric Heydenberk founded QuotaPath with the mission of helping “companies build and scale high-performing, motivated growth teams.” The startup said it gives teams a way to streamline the commission process and avoid inaccurate budgets, incorrect payouts, and “unhappy sales reps due to poor sales commission planning, reporting and administration.” Through real-time CRM integrations with Salesforce, HubSpot and, sales reps are able to glean more insight into earnings and quota attainment, the company said. “With QuotaPath, a sales team can forecast more earnings and create more goals around what they want to do,” Bruno said, “and connect those goals to the bottom line of the company.” “With 10.5 million salespeople in the U.S., this is a very large market,” Bruno said. Recognized as a Major Player in the 2021 IDC MarketScape for the Worldwide Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) Market, a global leader in cloud software for conversational commerce, has been positioned as a Major Player in the 2021 IDC MarketScape for Worldwide Communication Platform as a Service Vendor Assessment. Create excellent conversational customer experiences and turn any conversation into a conversion.  Logitech sales rise 66% on higher demand amid work-from-home activity Reuters Computer peripherals maker Logitech (LOGN.S) said it was seeing no let-up in demand from stay-at-home workers, after reporting higher operating income and sales at the start of its 2022 business year. Sales rose 66% to $1.31 billion during the three months to the end of June, up from $792 million a year earlier. Non GAAP operating income doubled to $235 million in the first quarter. Trends like working from home and the rise of online gaming continued to fuel Logitech’s performance as it lapped tough comparisons with last year’s pandemic-boosted sales. Reskilling and upskilling is the top priority for L&D pros globally LinkedIn Learning released its 5th annual Workplace Learning Report, highlighting new trends for the state of the Learning & Development (L&D) industry, the skills needed for the new world of work, and learner engagement in hybrid workplaces. L&D has a permanent seat in the C-suite, and their role is evolving, with upskilling and reskilling as the top priority –
  • 63% of L&D pros globally agree that L&D has a seat at the executive table, up from 24% in March 2020.
  • 51%  of L&D pros say that internal mobility is more of a priority now than before COVID-19, with employees at companies with high internal mobility staying almost 2x longer. Since COVID-19, internal hires make up a greater share of all hires.
Gen Z is learning more than ever to advance their careers –
  • 69% of Gen Z learners reported that they are making more time to learn
  • 76% of Gen Z learners believe that learning is the key to a successful career. They want to learn new skills to uplevel their performance (83%), and explore topics that they’re curious about (73%). These numbers ranked higher than any other generation when we asked them the same questions.
  • Gen Z also spends 12% more of their time on LinkedIn Learning building their hard skills when compared to the average learner Robot arranges 100,000 dominoes into a Super Mario Bros. mural in one day After 5 years of development. The robot is fed dominoes by another robot YouTube: 11 Million views in  3 days THE MOTIVATOR!  Created a link –
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