Why I Nearly Didn’t Launch My First Product…

Being fearful of anything related to business is stupid…

… when you have context.

Tim Kennedy joined me on The Salesman Podcast and shared his experiences of jumping out of helicopters whilst seeing muzzle flashes coming from the ground below and hearing bullets wiz past his head.

For “an adrenaline rush” he climbs into a cage and has both crazy talented and honestly brutally scary men attempt to cave in his skull with their closed fists.

And I was scared of launching a product?! 

We all need to grow the hell up and enforce the habit of embracing our fears, myself included.

I was fearful of putting my thoughts on the mindset and belief system needed to crush it in sales out there. Having recorded 400+ episodes of the worlds most biggest sales podcast and having interviewed everyone from the worlds most talented sales experts to an incredible Olympic athlete, I knew that I had some insights to share.

These insights are timeless, I wasn't reinventing the wheel.

My audience had been begging me to put some kind of training package together to give them a structure to their learning.

They know, like and trust ME and so specifically they wanted the training itself to come from ME.

I had the time to invest into building something new as I'd just hired a new video editor and a producer to help with booking the guests on the podcast.

And still I wasn't taking action. Why? Because I was bothered about what other people in the sales industry would think.

I wasn't scared that my product wasn't going to be fantastic. I wasn't concerned that it wasn't going to give way more value than it cost.

I was fearful that no one was going to buy it.  I was fearful that I'd then look like a complete fraud to the experts coming on the show as they'd be thinking why the hell is he hosting the worlds biggest sales show when he can't sell his own shit?!

Then I interviewed Tim…

He explained that even though we might not be in control of how our body responds to our environment, we can control whether we decide to take action or not in that moment. 

On the battlefield, those people that don't take action freeze and get mowed down by the enemy.

In sales and business we need to have the same mentality. That our success is life or death. That we need to push forward or not play the game at all.

And of course, the most stupid thing of all…?

I created the training and I sold all 100x of the bundles I'd put together in less than 12 hours.

I'm writing this as I take a break from putting together the next lot of 250x bundle boxes that my audience have demanded that I make available to them and it's been one of the most profitable months for my business ever!

The lessons I learned from this experience?

  • Don't let what you think someone is going to say to you hold you back
  • Success is binary. You're either a winner or a loser
  • Never let fear hold you back. Take action like Tim


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