Is sales an art or a science? (Leave a comment with your thoughts below!)

I know for a fact that anyone can learn to sell. Heck, pretty much anyone can become great at it.

This isn’t because selling is easy, that the skills needed are well documented or that as much as I’d like to believe it, listening to The Salesman Podcast each morning on the way to the office makes salespeople great instantly.

It’s because the bar for success is just set so damn low!

Most salespeople suck!

They don’t train. They’re not investing into relationships to make their jobs easier in the future.

Most salespeople spend all their time putting out fires,  stressing and  scraping by and just barely hitting their quotas.

“It can be both. An art is something that you practice, a science is something that is profound” – Ben Brown

Winning in sales is binary. You win the business or you don’t. Let’s not over-complicate things here.

Therefore the science is being 1% better than your competition.

The art is that there are many, many ways to achieve just that.

Are you going to be 1% better by knowing more about your industry than your competition? Perhaps you’re going to just give more of a shit about your customer than anyone else?

“It is a process to get to the end, the close [science] but it’s an art as it can be done many ways” – Ben Brown

The art is finding your key differentiator. It’s knowing how YOU are going to master the art of selling.

The science is implementing this daily and letting your prospective customers know about it.

So what are you going to do differently?

Why should I pick up the phone and speak with you when there are so many other sales reps out there?



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