Is Your Personality Type Suited To Prospecting?


If you realise how important prospecting is and how it can make your life easier you are more likely to have success with it. So here are a series of personality types, some of which are better suited to prospecting than others, however I’m going to neglect to tell you which ones they apply to. Instead I will define a personality type and then frame how they are good at dealing with prospecting so that you can work out which personality type suit you best and take a positive angle on it. So, here we go:


Confident personality type

They expect to win at business and so have no fear from things like rejection in prospecting. They can be successful prospectors because they have strong mental toughness and don’t take no for an answer. Their bullshit-detecting skills are second-to-none and they’re always able to keep their cool and approach every deal with the best attitude.

systematic personality type

They are very good at putting a process in place and sticking to it in a robotic nature. They can take emotions out of the question and they can perform like a professional athlete in that they understand that this is their day job. May sound a bit cold and clinical, but as long as they’re making money who cares?

Competitive personality type

They are simply fuelled by beating others around them, that means if they have to do prospecting to win, they will do it because they will do anything to win. They will do whatever it takes and even if they’re not always the nicest people to work with, they’re often able to get results.

Creative personality type

These guys make incredible prospectors because they have a unique ability to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions to things like objections and how to get in front of the prospect in the first place. Prospects meet so many people that they probably get bored of seeing the same thing over and over again. These creative personality types are able to make their ideas seem fresh and exciting, which will more than likely grab the prospect’s attention.

Optimistic personality type

They ignore all the negativity and they do not take anything personally, including rejections from prospects. They start each day a fresh and confident that today’s can be the best day ever and so they can jump in to the process of prospecting without any hesitation. If they were a Spotify playlist, they’d probably have “Happy”, “I Feel Good” and “Walking on Sunshine” on repeat for 24 hours.

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