How To Persuade Over Email With Ian Brodie

Ian Brodie joins Will on this episode of the Salesman Podcast to share how salespeople can learn to persuade prospects better over email.





When email is the best platform to use

The show is kicked off with Ian explaining why email isn't always the best medium to communicate with prospects over but when it's the right moment it can be a highly effective tool to close deals.

“I would say that there is one thing that's slightly more important than the subject line when it comes to getting your email opened – and that is your reputation

The show is wrapped up by discussing the fact that if your job is to give you information and then attempt to close the deal as a salesperson you will very soon be made redundant by the continuous improvement of automated marketing services. You need to be able to engage, consult and then close if you are to survive as a sales professional.

Ian and Will also cover –

  • Why email is the best first contact point most of the time
  • How we sell guests on the podcast and then upsell them to do a segment for the SalesSchool
  • That you should NEVER spam emails
  • How to create an amazing subject line
  • The often forgotten importance of ‘reputation' when trying to influence others
  • How to never say “I'm just checking in” ever again
  • Why you should give your ideas away for free (people will always pay for the implementation)




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Guest info:

Ian Brodie's goal is to help you understand what makes your clients tick, what motivates them to buy and to show you how to market and sell your services in a way that’s effective – without you having to be “pushy” or “salesy” or all that other stuff you hate about traditional marketing.

Of course, there’s still work to be done. To succeed at winning clients you have to make new contacts, nurture relationships to build credibiity and trust, and turn your relationships into paying clients.

But there are simple, effective ways to do this that any professional can master when you know how.


Show notes:


Books mentioned:

Email Persuasion: Captivate and Engage Your Audience, Build Authority and Generate More Sales With Email Marketing


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