How To Leave An Effective Sales Voicemail (With Examples)

When leaving a voicemail you have three goals. The interesting thing? None of these goals are to have your buyer call you back…

Want to know why getting a call back is a bad goal for you voicemail?

Then stay tuned.


Real talk, have you ever had someone who is a cold prospect reply to a voicemail?

It’s becoming more and more rare to get a call back from a random voicemail.

Unless you work for a company with an amazing brand or you’ve become a “micro-influencer” in your industry and so your buyers already know you, it’s unlikely your buyers are going to call you back.

Therefore I don’t even try and get a call back from my sales voicemails.

Instead I have three goals when I leave a potential buyer a voicemail –

  • Get the buyer to listen to 30 seconds of my voice
  • Build trust and authority in my messaging
  • Show the buyer that I’m relentless and that I’ll keep following up and so for everyone’s sake they should reply to my emails (even if they say “no”)

So lets start with the first goal. How do we get buyers to listen to our entire voicemail?

Well it starts with the language that we use.


Don’t start your voicemail with “Hey, it’s Will Barron from…”. Once your buyer hears that the voicemail is from a person they don’t know, clearly trying to sell them something, they are going to click delete and not listen to the entire voicemail message.

Additionally, avoid leaving your name until the end of the voicemail. This encourages the buyer to listen to the entire voicemail as well.

Finally in the language you’re using in your voicemail, you need to share something you’ve noticed about the buyer so the voicemail doesn’t come across like generic spam.

This could be that you’ve noticed the buyer has just made a bunch of new hires. It could be that the buyers competition have just opened a new location. It doesn’t matter what it is, just make sure to include a trigger event for you call.  

So now that the buyer is hooked until the end of the voicemail message it’s time to start building some trust and authority with them,


To build trust and authority you have to strike the right balance in the tone of your voice and the speed that you speak.

If… you… speak… really… slowly… it can add to your level of perceived authority. But it can make you sound a little bit slow in the head too.

If-you-speak-super-fast-with-lots-of-ups-and-downs you sound excited and keen to help the buyer. But too much of this can make you sound childish.

So you want to strike a balance of the two. Starting-sentences-slightly-faster-than-usual but.. then… slowing… down… for… the… most… important… bits…

When you get this right it adds a layer of trust and authority to your buyer that you can’t get from sending cold emails alone.


My go to voicemail is –

“Hi Jerry, the reason for my call is that one of your competitors is using our sales training platform and they’ve closed 18% more sales this quarter.

Their sales team love the platform and their management love that they can see their teams progress too.

I’d love to share with you how they did it, to see if we can get the same results for you.

My name is Will Barron and I’ll drop you an email now and I look forward to connecting this week.”

To wrap up this video, lets break down the most important parts of the messaging –

  • I open with a trigger event that this buyers competitors are having success with our product.
  • A common objection with online sales training is that the management can track if their team are actually using it. So I defeat this objection before it comes up by saying “management love that they can see their teams progress”.
  • The buyers interest is piqued but I haven’t shared my name or contact information until the very end and so they keep listening.
  • Finally I pre-frame that we’ll connect “this week” to start to put time frames in the buyers mind that I can then confirm in my follow up email.

Sales voicemails are pretty simple when you understand what you really want from them.

So why not try my example today and let me know in the comments below how it goes.

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