How To Impress A Customer In 30 Seconds Or Less

Experts estimate that 85% of your financial success in life comes not from your cold call or closing skill business but from your ability to connect with others.

Every person you meet forms an opinion of you within the first 30 seconds of seeing you or even just hearing your voice.

Here are some tips to make those first 30 seconds count.


Respond to body language

You can tell the mood someone is in by their body language long before you ask them “how’s it going”.

Leverage this by opening with a meaningful question that allows them to explain why they’re having a great day if they have a big grin on their face.


Be positive

But if they’re looking a little down, don’t mirror their mood. Always be positive and try and pull their mood up to yours.

When you give someone a big smile it’s very difficult for them not to return it. Research has shown that the process of smiling alone makes you happier [1].


Eliminate fight or flight

It’s natural when you first meet a new client or prospect to get a tiny shot of adrenaline and feel some nerves.

It’s important to recognise any outward signals of this stress and try and eliminate them.

If the person you’re meeting with picks them up it will subconsciously tell them that you don’t feel safe in their company and they won’t feel safe in yours either.


Respect personal space

Making a quick note of how close the other person stands naturally near you and not entering that personal space is a useful way of showing respect.

Similarly if you notice them leaning in you should too, if they lean back or don’t want to stand face to face do the same.


Notice their style

Noticing and pointing out anything unique about the persons appearance such as an interesting pocket square or logo on a bag shows that you’re paying a attention to them and allows them to tell you a story.

Stories are a powerful way of rapidly building rapport and can even change the listeners brain [2].


Use sensory language

Using vivid explanations and mentioning sounds, textures and feelings add meaning to anecdotes that you might share when you first meet someone which makes them (and you) more memorable.


Have a pitch ready

You don’t need to pitch the product you’re selling but you do need to be able to pitch yourself in a one liner.

There is nothing worse than being introduced to someone new, asking what they do and then have to listen to them stumble about for 2 minutes trying to explain.

A “Hi, I’m Jared. I love sales and I spend my days writing about and meeting new people in the industry” is a great way to make an impact in those valuable first 30 seconds.


BONUS: Genuinely care

Most people are distracted by smartphones, emails and their work responsibilities. It’s rare that you meet someone and they’re truly present and in the moment.

By taking a minute to clear your mind before you step into the prospects office or before you pick up the phone to call them you give them a level of attention that immediately gets noticed and that is highly valued.





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