How To Get Better At Selling FAST!

I used to suck at sales. In fact, I got sacked from my very first sales job. It was embarrassing and it was at that moment I decided that I needed to learn how to become great at sales fast.

And getting great at sales fast is exactly what we are going to talk about in this video.

Because when you can sell at a high level, your skill set is in high demand. You will always have a job, no matter what crisis were going through at that moment in time, because businesses always value people who can reliably generate revenue.

On the other hand, if you’re not a high-performing salesperson right now, your job is on the line and so listen up! You might not have that much time to improve your skills and show your worth to the organization that you work for.

Right now is a scary time to be a salesperson who isn’t hitting quota.

We’re living in some uncharted times for salespeople and only the strongest will survive but there is hope, you can improve fast! So hit that thumbs up button and let’s get into it.

Solution (step by step process):

Getting good at sales fast requires these 4 things

  • Getting your sales code sorted. And I’m going to share exactly what this means in a second.
  • Learning how to use a systematic selling process
  • Having the ability to practice your sales knowledge
  • and finally, having access to mentoring which holds everything else together.

So let’s start off with what we call, over at, your sales code.

Your SalesCode

So from over five years of research and access to over 100,000 salespeople, we now understand the 12 specific traits that natural born salespeople have.

Interestingly, the traits that natural born salespeople have right now, are not the same as the traits of a natural born salesperson 10 years ago. That is because sales has changed considerably already and so the individual who had success then, is not going to have success now.

The 12, proven, research backed traits of natural born salespeople that make up their sales code are –

These are the underlying traits that make it easy to have sales success. If you are missing any of these traits, it’s likely you spend your time in your sales job moving two steps forward and then moving one step back. Always feeling like there is something pulling at your heels and stopping you from living up to your potential.

Additionally if you want to take things further, we have built an industry leading sales assessment that will assess whether you have each of these traits and then give you a personalized training plan to implement them over at so check that out if you’re interested.

Systematic Selling process

The next layer on the sales success triangle is what we call systematic selling.

Gone are the days where you could blag your way to your sales quota without leveraging a sales process. That worked in the past as salespeople were the gatekeepers to the prospect solving their problems. If they wanted pricing, they had to come to you. If they wanted to understand your product, they had to come to you. Nowadays though that information is all online and so they don’t need you to get access to it.

What they do need from you is guidance on how they can solve their issues and importantly how they can create enough momentum in their own organisation to get the deal through.

You need to learn and implement a sales process that takes potential customers step-by-step to a close.

We discuss our own “systematic selling” process on this YouTube channel all the time, but here is a quick overview of it –

So now that you have become a person capable of achieving your sales quota, by developing the traits of natural born salesperson and you have implemented a systematic selling process to take your prospects from random individuals to people who buy from you over and over again, the next piece of the puzzle is practice.

Practice makes perfect

Practicing your selling is a massive differentiator from average sale sellers and high-performing salespeople. It is integral if you want to become great at selling fast especially in an uncertain marketplace like we are currently living through.

There are many ways to practice your sales skills, with the most common and obvious way being a role plays with your colleagues or sales manager.

As common and obvious as role plays seem though, many salespeople avoid role-playing at all costs.

This is why we built the “sales coach” tool over at

Remember, you are a “sales professional”. Professionals practice, they proactivily try and improve their game every single day. You need to attempt to improve each day too if you’re going to keep up.

The final of the puzzle to get better at selling fast is to have the support of a mentor.

Get a mentor

Right now in your sales job, your sales manager should be this mentor to you.

Unfortunately, though our research shows that sales management do a very poor job of mentoring their sales teams because of two main reasons –

  1. When they were in a sales job, everything was different. Therefore as they’ve never sold anything since, they try to mentor and coach their team to sell in an ineffective way that they used to. You’ve experienced this if you ever heard your sales manager say something like “I used to do it like this, and it worked so I want you to do the same”.
  2. Sales managers are now doing the job of middle management which includes forecasting, analytics, hiring and other higher-level managerial tasks that mean that they just don’t have time to mentor the individuals on their team.

This sucks but over at we have your back. We put on weekly Q&A sessions so you can get mentoring from me and our sales coaches directly via live chat so that you can get all of your questions answered.

RECAP: 4 steps to sales success

So there we have the four elements that you need to create for yourself if you want to become better at selling fast –

  • Develop the 12 traits of natural born salespeople
  • Start using a systematic selling process
  • Practice your sales skills
  • Get mentoring from someone who is having success

Let me reiterate this, right now, your job is on the line. As we face further and further economic upturn over the next six months will be hundreds of thousands of salespeople who will not survive it.

The salespeople that do survive will be the ones that show via revenue generated, that they are an asset to their company.

So with all that said, if you want to develop into a linchpin for your company, someone who drives so much revenue that your organization could never let you go, email me, as I’m doing a very special offer for our YouTube viewers over the next week, to give you access to our platform. You won’t find this offer posted anywhere else online, it’s exclusive for you, watching on Youtube right now, so email me directly to get the details.

Why am I giving you access to our platform at such an insanely discounted rate? Because I am on your side. I am a salesperson just like you I want to see you survive and thrive in this economic uncertainty there were currently living in.

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