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Prospecting for new business is an important part of the sales process. If you don’t have new potential buyers entering the top of your sales funnel, you won’t have anyone to who buys from you at the bottom of it.

To be able to find new potential buyers to speak to you need to know two things –

  1. Who might want to buy your product
  2. Where you can find them

Think of it like this – Sam wants to go fishing. His bait to lure them in? Some big slabs of tuna fish.

Sam’s first step is to work out which fish are most likely to eat his tuna and catch themselves on his hook and line.

If he took his tuna bait and tried to catch more tuna they might recognize their uncle being used as bait on the hook and so they’d swim away.

But if Sam puts his tuna bait in front of hammerhead sh  arks, they’ll bite at it and he’ll make some easy catches.

So Sam knows that with his particular bait, he needs to fish a specific type of hammerhead shark that loves tuna fish. This will give him the best opportunity to catch one.

The second thing Sam needs to know is where to find these particular hammerhead sharks. Luckily for Sam he can Google where to find them.

But this is where things get more complicated for sales professionals.

Most sales professionals know what their bait is (their product) and they have a good idea what fish they’re hunting (their ideal buyer persona) but they don’t know where to find them.

In this video I’m going to show you how you can narrow your search and uncover your ideal buyers contact details in just a few clicks.


Lets say that we’re searching for accountants to sell our accounting software to.

Using we could just search for all the accountants in the USA who might want to buy our software. But this would lead to over half a million results and we’d spend a lot of time speaking to buyers who are never going to “bite”.

Spamming the market and hoping for a result is what most salespeople do. They’re hoping that someone, by happens-chance will be the right fish for their bait.

But we’re smart fishermen and so we’re going to go much narrower with prospecting search.

Remember success in sales is –

Sales success = ( Right message X Right buyer ) – everything else

If you’re wasting time putting the wrong message in front of the wrong buyers, then you’re reducing the time you have available to you each day to speak to people who might actually buy from you.

So to improve our chances of success we need to remove as much of this “everything else” burden as possible. We do that by only speaking to our ideal buyer personas. can help us achieve this.


So lets say we want to sell to accountants who specialize in tax accounting because that’s one of the areas our software can really help accountants.

So we can narrow down our search to people who work at accounting agencies who specialize in tax by adding “tax” to our job title in search.

Next lets say our software is expensive and so we only want to deal with buyers in private companies with over 10 of million in revenue. We can add the revenue and company type to the search.

We’re not done yet though. We still want to narrow this down further and so lets only look for “senior tax accountants” as we know that they’re more likely to have control over some budget within the company.

And finally lets narrow down our search to New York city as we’ve some really good case studies from a couple of accounting companies in that location that we can share with our prospects.

So now we’re down to 400 results and that is more than enough for us to start reaching out and fishing for new business. Our bait or prospecting message can be super specific at this point too –

  • Senior tax accountants
  • At medium-large private organizations
  • In New York city

If we send these individuals some content or an insightful email about the state of working from home, in New York city for senior tax accountants that links back to how our software can help, we’re sure to win some new business.

The final step, clicking the download button and saving our new potential buyers contact details to our CRM.

It really is as simple as that.

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