Google Caps Their Sales Reps Commissions? 58% Of Reps Need More Coaching? | This Week In Sales

On this week in sales we’ll be looking at: 

  • Why Brands are Shifting From Digital To Human-To-Human 
  • How 58% Of Sales Reps Require Coaching To Sell In the Virtual Environment
  • Why google is capping their sales reps bonuses after they’ve been taking home over $1 million in a year in commissions.

And much more!

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B2B Goes Home: Brands Shift From Digital To Human-To-Human Tactics

B2B marketers are suffering from digital fatigue. 81% of B2B revenue leaders think their target audiences are suffering from digital exhaustion. Making a shift – The top channel they plan to use in the next 12 months is direct mail, followed by direct phone calls.

However, this seeming shift from digital may be a reaction to overuse of virtual content during the COVID-19 pandemic. Virtual events grew by 1,000%, marketing emails by 62%, sales calls by 28% and ad spend by 22% during this period.

DealHub Recognized as a CPQ Momentum Grid Leader for Spring 2021 by G2

DealHub has been recognized as Momentum Leaders for Spring 2021 by G2 in six categories including CPQ. DealHub is a leader in the CPQ Spring 2021 Momentum Grid because it is the ‘Highest Rated CPQ' on G2 and has continued support from its customers. 

G2 is the world's largest tech marketplace where businesses can discover, review, and manage the technology they need to reach their potential with 80,000 products listed and more than 1 million authentic reviews posted.

Salesforce Reimagines Sales Cloud to Drive Growth in a Sell-From-Anywhere World

Sixty-one percent of sales people believe their roles have changed permanently since COVID-19 began1. Even when salespeople are able to get back on the road and into offices, 51% expect to travel less than they did pre-pandemic2, and fewer than half expect to go back to the office3.

Virtual Selling: Seamless, virtual interactions will continue to be a critical part of sales and enablement in the year ahead.

  • Salesforce Meetings is now generally available and makes virtual conversations more engaging. Ahead of a meeting, salespeople have a 360 view of all attendees on a single screen — including account history, open service cases and bios. Once the meeting starts, both the presentation and the presenter are shown together for a more engaging, human connection.
  • Only 38% of salespeople say they’ve received training on virtual selling over the past year. With myTrailhead, Salesforce’s digital skilling platform fully integrated into Sales Cloud, sales teams can view relevant enablement materials, like competitor analyses, and new reps can onboard quickly with training resources, all surfaced right in their workspace.
  • Einstein Conversation Insights analyzes video call transcripts to visualize trending keywords, such as product names, or types of interactions, such as competitor mentions. By understanding where teams are struggling or what customers want to discuss, managers can customize training and 1:1 coaching to better align to the team’s precise needs when they can’t walk the sales floor.

Digital In-Store Engagement: Media or Merchandising

Meteora Group's president discusses how retail media is poised for growth as out-of-home engagement model gains traction.

A digital in-store solution engineered for a specific category is the digitized freezer doors manufactured by Cooler Screens. Its innovative solution converts normally unexciting frozen and chilled aisles into a bright wall of digital displays that not only enhance the product presentation, but also offer e-commerce-like features, including dynamic pricing, consumer ratings and engaging videos.

Gartner Research: 58% Of Sales Reps Require Coaching To Better Sell In A Virtual Environment

With B2B selling taking on an entirely virtual identity, many organizations have turned to digital marketplaces to drive revenue and leads. 

New research from Gartner Inc. revealed that 93% of sales reps experience challenges that negatively impact their selling capabilities in a virtual environment, with 58% needing dedicated coaching sessions from sales managers to merely function.

According to Danielle McKinley, Director of Research and Advisory in the Gartner Sales practice, 66% of challenges to virtual selling are internal, and it’s up to sales managers to take charge. She explained that this includes overhauling an organization’s sales coaching culture, as it is the lynchpin for true virtual selling success.

Some Google Cloud Salespeople Took Home Over $1 Million Salaries. That May Come To An End.

One of Thomas Kurian’s first moves as Google Cloud’s CEO when he joined the company in 2019 was lifting a cap put in place on sales commissions. He thought the move would lure elite salespeople to join the company’s growing cloud computing division, with the promise of a big payday.

Some did just that, with a few top-performing salespeople making over $1 million in 2020. But those days may be coming to an end.

The Information reports that Google Cloud will now be capping commissions at 500% of a salesperson’s annual quota. For example, if a salesperson’s quota is set at $1 million in sales over the course of the year, they would only make commissions on up to $5 million in sales. Anything above that would not result in a commission for the salesperson.

Prince Harry Has a New Job with a Mental Health and Coaching App That He's Been Using for Months

After stepping back from his role as a senior working member of the royal family last year, the Duke of Sussex will become chief impact officer of coaching and mental health company BetterUp Inc., the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday.

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