From Sales Trainer To Crypto Billionaire… Kinda

On this week in sales we’ll be looking at –

  • The crypto BILLIONAIRE I inadvertently had on the Salesman Podcast…
  • New LinkedIn Sales Navigator updates
  • The labor shortage
You'll learn:


Alleged crypto launderer Heather Morgan led a second life as the world’s worst rapper

Earlier today, the Department of Justice announced the arrest of Ilya Lichtenstein and Heather Morgan, who allegedly attempted to launder more than 25,000 Bitcoins that were stolen as part of the 2016 hack of Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex. What was unclear to us at the time was that an even greater crime had played out across Morgan’s social media pages: her rap career.

Heather previously ran where she helped B2B sales professionals write better outreach emails.

LinkedIn Rolls Out Sales Navigator Search & CRM Card Updates

LinkedIn Sales Solutions announced a slate of updates to the Sales Navigator platform today, including improvements to the Search experience, CRM integrations, and new homepage optimizations.

  • The first update comes in the form of better visualization in the Search experience.
  • Enhanced CRM cards is another update to the CRM integration. These enhanced CRM cards are added to Account Pages and Contact pages, minimizing the need to toggle between platforms.
  • With the Priority Accounts section, you are able to upload accounts that are most important to your business. For example, with so many people shuffling companies or professions, you’re able to keep tabs on when employee or headcount growth.

What Labor Shortage? Technology-Enabled Sales Teams Don’t Miss a Beat

A large portion of veteran sales talent is deciding now is a good time to retire. Implementing tech that reduces redundant work and delivers relevant insights is key to achieving growth.

For the fourth quarter of 2021, 65% of business economists reported an increase in sales, but 57% reported experiencing labor shortages, according to the National Association for Business Economics January 2022 Business Conditions Survey.

In this market, sales leaders are thinking outside of the box for recruitment. They’re hiring more entry-level salespeople, as well as experienced individuals from other unrelated markets and verticals.

Where Do Salespeople Fit in the Digital World?

In-person meetings between customers and salespeople were once at the heart of B2B buying and selling. Now digital communication is embedding itself in every aspect of business. This had led some organizations to look at the future and ask a simple question: Will we still need salespeople?

Is It Time To Reassess the WFH and Hybrid Work Movement?

A portion of the workforce has unreservedly embraced the WFH movement, while others are looking for office environments to be more functional and enticing.

For many WFH employees, commuting hours have now been rolled into working hours; that means many WFH employees are putting in another 10 hours a week. The mental and physical exertion—combined with the relative isolation of home offices—is “taking a toll on people.

One answer is an activity-based working (ABW) approach. This means employees having access to a range of technology-enabled work environments to suit the particular activities in which they engage individually and as a team.

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