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Success stories

If you're a good fit for the training, you'll be joining the following students who are having sales success.

"Overall the course is excellent and I highly recommend it"​

Greg- Small business owner

"It helped me become a better seller... I urge you to join the Academy"

Ken - Account manager

"It gives you a really good base foundation. It gives you easy and applicable steps"

Sam - Sales professional

"If you're in sales and you want to take your game to the next level"

Liam - Sales professional

"We have started training all our reps on this and it's fantastic"

Bruce - Co-founder

"I recommend the program because of the high quality material and the support"

Lysmuna - Small business owner

"We also use the resources to coach and carry out training for our team"​

Ed - Commercial senior director

"What I like is that the principles are based on the scientific method"

Jozef - Small business owner

"I'd recommend hopping on the calls because they're incredibly valuable"

Frederick - Small business owner

"When I started the program I was at a 15% close rate. After 30 days I increased my close rate to 35% "

Amanda - Account executive

"Highly recommend this program for anyone who is trying to elevate their training and skills"

Jacques - Account executive

"I've already used Will's process to win new customer orders and I can recommend his training program"

Simon - Business owner

"What I like about is how clear the training is"

Alex - Account executive

"It's really pragmatic, very straight forward and you can get going straight away"

David - Sales Enablement Manager

"It's not just another traditional sales training"

Adam - Sales manager

"Will helped me go from monthly feast and famines to a consistent and predictable level of sales"

Account manager

"Will is awesome! He got me from under-performing to 175% of quota in weeks, not months"

Managing Director

"Will helped my team go from crazy over-whelm, to a well oiled, focused, revenue machine"

Sales manager

"The team have taken me from $5k/month to over $35k/month with my consulting"

Small business owner