The Best Men’s Suits At Every Price Point


Work in sales? You need a decent suit.

It's an investment in your own success. It shows a potential customer that you're good enough at your job that other people in their industry have given you cash. It's social proof. 

Given the huge selection of suits available both on the high street and from places like Savile Row, buying a suit isn't a simple experience.

With this in mind, we asked some of our Youtube fashion expert friends and insiders from the industry, the business suits they'd recommend at a number of different price points.


Under £100

You're pushing your luck. Unless you're heading to interview for your first ever sales role you should be investing a little bit more into your look.

At this level, it's important to manage your own expectations on the fit, construction, and materials being used.

You are looking at suits made from 100 percent polyester says Nick Tahir, head of buying at River Island. Additionally, you'll see “a fused construction” which means it's glued together rather than sewn.

The fit at this price is very “high school prom” which means anything from skinny to something that looks like it was sprayed on to you. The plasti-dip look is never good.

RECOMMENDED – I honestly can't recommend any suit under £100 to a man reading this blog. Sorry.


Under £200

Increasing your business suit budget by the price of a meal and a few beers might not seem like much but it's a 100% more cash for the suit maker to work with.

Immediately you're getting into fabrics that won't bubble up with regular dry cleaning and even real wool becomes an option. Wool is a perfect material to build a suit out of because it's warm and resilient.

The cut is very much a more “mature” style at this price range which is perfect as you're going to be shaking hands with men and women who respecta level of maturity.

I'd suggest staying with a corporate look at this price point and avoiding any checks or patterns as they can look tacky if the material and build of the suit isn't up to scratch.

RECOMMENDED – MOSS BROS, Marks and Spencer, Next.


Under £500

If you wear a suit to do business every day then you should own two suits from around the £500 range. This is enough paper to get a great quality construction, correct proportions on your lapels and buttons and all the other small details that add up to make you look special.

Materials like Italian wool start to make an appearance and you start to look like a man that has had success in business rather than someone who is desperately chasing it.

RECOMMENDED – Richard James, Hugo Boss


Under £1000

Now I appreciate that it takes a little time for businessmen to get to the point of having a grand burning in their pocket. But when that moment comes, a strong suit is something that should be at the top of their wish list.

“You’ll be introduced to things like a rope shoulder” says British fashion designer Casley-Hayford, referring to a technique used in handmade suits to make the shoulders appear broader.

There's also another giant leap in materials as everything is going to be 100% wool rather than a blend. You might even get a little silk in there too.

If you're spending this much you should be focused on the fit of the shoulders of the jacket above all else. If you're dropping a grand on a suit, you're going to want to spend a little on some tailoring too and the only thing that is beyond your average tailor is the shoulders. They can handle everything else.

At this point, you're also facing severe diminishing returns on spending more for a suit. You'd have to lean towards something more bespoke or you're getting into the designer realm, not something you want to focus on if you want to be closing deals whilst wearing it.

RECOMMENDED – Paul Smith, Suit Supply


Over £1,000

Most salespeople will never burn this much on a suit. I genuinely hope that you do manage it at some point. There's a very high chance that at this price point, the piece will hold a prime space in your wardrobe for years to come.

You're getting a half canvas build that will mould to your body over the years and it will fit better after 100 wears than when you first got it.

There are two choices –

  • Top notch tailing off the peg with a little custom tailoring thrown in to pull you in at the waist and to get the arms and legs the perfect length.
  • £2000+ gets you into the realm of true bespoke tailoring and is something that honestly I've not managed to achieve just quite yet…

RECOMMENDED – Welcome to the world of James Bond's tailor Tom Ford and brands like Saint Laurent 


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